UNIVERSAL            Every Time, Everywhere

MORAL                   Pertaining to Rules of Right Conduct

PRINCIPLE             A Fundamental Truth

Being Ethical:  Doing the Right Thing. Everywhere. Every Time.

Impossible?  Not really, but certainly challenging.  Unless you’re honest.

Applied Ethics

Truth Has No Agenda

And what’s honesty?   Simply;  Applied truthTruth–the operative word.      It’s all about truth.

Truth is the principal principle, an absolute.  Everything starts in Truth.  Even lies…

Then why is there so much disagreement about truth, and about what’s ethical and what’s not?

Because nowadays “everybody’s entitled to his own opinion.”  And besides, who decides what’s ‘right?’

Taking the last first: What’s right is what will work to the ultimate benefit of everyone, everywhere, at all times.  It may take some thought…

And finally, ethics isn’t subject to opinion.  It’s absolute; something either is ethical or it’s not.

Universal Moral Principle

And there you have it.  Universal Moral Principle – doing the right thing, everywhere, every time.


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