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The following is excerpted from the book To Tell The Truth… Ethics Unwrapped.  We will continue to provide excerpts from the book in future posts.  In the meantime you may wish to read the entire book (?!) 



…What it’s all about

Ethics is the study of values (ideals; standards; principles).  Ethics has its roots in First Principles, the foremost being absolute truth— perfection.   The frustration of coming up with a good working definition using standard references increases in proportion to their number:

A branch of philosophy...” can bring us to a full stop without even considering the ambiguity of  “the study of the nature of morals(?) and of specific moral choices...” (whatever they may be).  “Rules of conduct” fails, because anyone could define his own rules of conduct according to his own standards, all

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The following is excerpted from the book To Tell The Truth… Ethics Unwrapped.  We will continue to provide excerpts from the book in future posts.  In the meantime you may wish to read the entire book (?!) 


You are the most important person in your life.  But who are you, really?  Well, who you are is what you do with what you are-–the gender, race, and distinctive physical makeup you were born with:  male, female, black, white, tall, short, whatever, a totally unique human being in the same world with countless other totally unique human beings, each with a brain weighing in the neighborhood of three pounds and the same universal truths to work with. You breathe air and your heart pumps blood.  Gravity works as well for you as for anyone else. Your

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[Much of what follows is by way of Walter Russell Mead and Tony Abbott (former Australian Prime Minister) in recent Opinion articles in The Wall Street Journal]


American presidents since World War II have largely preserved the liberal internationalism of the times – until now.  Donald Trump is a revisionist who’s changing the approach of America to the global order, shifting it from the concept of ‘leading from behind’ employed by his predecessor to a more active role.  America now assumes a position of leadership even distinct from that of Ronald Reagan, a position that is shaking up both world and national politics.

Realizing that the Washington Swamp includes major media as well as both political parties, the president has taken to social media to communicate directly with the general population that supports him.  In this effort he has shaken

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Worried about North Korea? Please don’t. The worst that could happen is too grim to contemplate. One can only assume that clearer heads will prevail because, if they don’t, the world will be too messy to clean up.

Let’s assume that China will prevail and ‘The North’ will be brought down to size. Let’s assume as well that Trump will mean what he says. So far he has. There are too many ways to stop North Korea in its tracks. All it takes is balls, and we finally have them.

Missiles can be fouled at their source; cyber warfare is real. The Mother of All Bombs has a family as well. ‘The North’ has been tolerated as far as possible. Now it’s pay-up time and, if that’s not done, Iran lies on the near horizon. One nuclear bomb is too much. It’s time to bring this arms race to a

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The Ethics of the Presidency

A recent letter to The Wall Street Journal, FYI

to the Editor:

Yes, Ms Noonan, “we have to do better” (Alabama Teaches America a Lesson, Dec 16-17).  But are we doing so badly with a hopelessly bipolar government where the losers can’t accept the fact that Trump defeated both sides of The Establishment BY HIMSELF to win the Presidency (meaning that he was [s]elected by a populist electorate)? He still is fighting both parties while leading through a major crisis (North Korea) and trying to govern with virtually no help (none at all from Democrats).  The economy is booming as never before and legislation is limping forward.  Consider the alternative: Hillary would be more-of-the-same-Obama, a lagging economy and much less global respect.

Why can’t we run a government instead of threatening to shut it down?  The answer is our bipolarity: Democrats refuse to participate at all,

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An Exercise In Ethics – LET TRUMP BE TRUMP

Let Trump be Trump.

There’s a new book out by this name, and at least the title says volumes.  Seldom have we seen a phenomenon like Trump.  He communicates personally by social media, ignoring the press like the plague it has turned out to be.  They, along with the rest of the Washington Establishment, literally hate him for his unconventionality because they can’t control him, so much so that there’s a well-established movement to impeach him.

The result is a President Of The People.  Whether or not he can survive outside the establishment will be seen, but so far he’s accomplished quite a lot of what he promised, and will continue to do so for as long as he has the support of those he represents.

So let Trump be Trump!

He can win, you know.  And the world will be better for it. 

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