The Ethics of the Presidency

A recent letter to The Wall Street Journal, FYI

to the Editor:

Yes, Ms Noonan, “we have to do better” (Alabama Teaches America a Lesson, Dec 16-17).  But are we doing so badly with a hopelessly bipolar government where the losers can’t accept the fact that Trump defeated both sides of The Establishment BY HIMSELF to win the Presidency (meaning that he was [s]elected by a populist electorate)? He still is fighting both parties while leading through a major crisis (North Korea) and trying to govern with virtually no help (none at all from Democrats).  The economy is booming as never before and legislation is limping forward.  Consider the alternative: Hillary would be more-of-the-same-Obama, a lagging economy and much less global respect.

Why can’t we run a government instead of threatening to shut it down?  The answer is our bipolarity: Democrats refuse to participate at all, concentrating on their selfish  agenda of hate Trump-identity politics as they ignore governing, while Republicans fight internally, shooting themselves in the foot while ignoring the fact that they can indeed govern while they still have the muscle.  Who knows—things could improve to the point where Trump could be re-elected instead of impeached.  Imagine that.

Could we possibly respect the Presidency while at least tolerating the president while we have him?  Try it and we’ll do better.  Promise.

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