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We’re NOT running out…


How many times have we heard that we’re in danger of wearing out the Earth? Or that we’re polluting the environment to the point that we won’t be able to live here in 20 (30, 50, 70, 100) years?   The alarmists–ethics be damned–would have us believe that if we don’t do something (or stop doing something else) soon, we’re toast. Glacial ice will melt, sea level will rise, drowning out shoreline properties and countless lives. But we can stop it by being better stewards. They’ll tell us how.  They won’t tell us how much it will cost.

For the past several years it’s been the ‘global warming’ threat that’s happening because we’re burning fossil fuels. AlGore has made a fortune (and an undeserved Nobel Prize) by writing a book (“An Inconvenient Truth”) about the coming disastrous climate change that is in fact a collection of half-truths and lies, even claiming that the debate is settled.  Of course, there has been NO SIGN of global warming for the past 18-years; the last few winters have been brutal…

Now we hear that we’re facing the threat of running out of water. It isn’t enough that Earth is supposedly heating up at an unprecedented rate because we’re pumping great volumes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Now we’ll be unable to put out the fires we’re going to cause. We’re running out of water! (Maybe we’d be better off if we weren’t irrigating massive fields of corn to produce ethanol, a political fuel additive, but that’s another story.)

Fact: Earth has a fixed amount of water—the same amount we’ve ever had. More than 332 MILLION cubic miles of it. Most of it (about 320Million cubic miles) is in the oceans, while fresh water makes up the rest. Water, in fact, is part of every living thing. It changes place and phase according to nature’s needs, and it does so virtually instantly. We can’t run out.  We can only evolve.

It’s time to stop this drive for ‘sustainability’ (a catchword of the cognoscenti) because it’s another fact that we cannot stop warming (Earth is in an interglacial phase during which the planet will warm naturally). Ice will melt and sea levels will rise, but not to the extent threatened by the experts.’ The self-styled doyens tell us that we’ll be in big trouble by 2030, backing it up with pronouncements like “there’s some chance that something will happen” in 20 (30, 50, 70, 100) years. (The fact that shoreline population centers will someday experience flooding is our own fault for building them there in the first place…)

Face it! Earth has been doing its thing for 4Billion years—it’s been growing into the place we call home on its own for Billenia. It’s been taking care of itself without our help since well before Year One. It has adapted to comet strikes, droughts, sunspot damage, floods, earthquakes, seafloor spreading, disastrous volcanic activity and countless other violent natural occurrences, all the while preparing itself for our arrival by developing plant and animal life even as it fended off natural ‘disasters,’ and man isn’t about to thwart its continued evolution. We’re not that important!  The fact that we think we are is our mistake because man cannot control nature.

In fact, man’s innovation will enable him to adapt to coming changes just as he has in the past. Earth is not static, nor are we.  Nor are we stupid. We don’t need politicians and their minions telling us to conserve resources, because that’s what we’re doing. Our environment is light-years better than it was just a century ago because we know enough to treat nature with respect. Apocalyptic experts do not factor this in when making their dire predictions—they assume that development will remain static—just as it is today. With an attitude like that we never would have traveled to the moon or dropped a probe precisely on a streaking comet deep in the universe.

The fact is that we will continue to make better use of the resources at our disposal. Nature recycles just as we’ve learned to do, and we are able to find new ways to do things better, even new materials, as we improve our lot. Copper running out? Use manufactured glass fibers to communicate… Need more fresh water? Desalinize sea water using solar energy (coming soon at a seaside near you…).

Ethics is based in truth and executed via honesty. Use your own head and see that things aren’t nearly as bad as the Apocalyptics claim. Remember that the disasters predicted in the past failed to happen. Have faith in humanity, and do your best not to foul your nest. (Why would you do that, anyway? You wouldn’t.).

Don’t listen to those control freaks who would throw $Trillions at a problem that doesn’t exist (and even if it did, we’d be powerless to stop it). Enjoy your time here on Earth, and try to leave it better than you found it.  Respect nature.  You depend on it…and use your head.



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