Worried about North Korea? Please don’t. The worst that could happen is too grim to contemplate. One can only assume that clearer heads will prevail because, if they don’t, the world will be too messy to clean up.

Let’s assume that China will prevail and ‘The North’ will be brought down to size. Let’s assume as well that Trump will mean what he says. So far he has. There are too many ways to stop North Korea in its tracks. All it takes is balls, and we finally have them.

Missiles can be fouled at their source; cyber warfare is real. The Mother of All Bombs has a family as well. ‘The North’ has been tolerated as far as possible. Now it’s pay-up time and, if that’s not done, Iran lies on the near horizon. One nuclear bomb is too much. It’s time to bring this arms race to a stop, especially among rogue nations. It must be done.

Still worried? Well, if you must, but it’s still pay-up time, and there’s not too much time left on the clock. We’ll know soon enough. My outlook is positive. We have the strength to do it. More as it unfolds…

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