CLIMATE CHANGE – The Saga Continues

Yes, Earth’s climate is changing (it’s getting warmer) and no, there’s no need for immediate panic. That still sums up the current state of affairs re: climate change/global warming.

The major problem comes to light through the politics of the issue. Why is it that Progressives are all in a dither about it (global warming), while Conservatives seem to play down the situation (climate change)? It turns out that the Progressives’ solution is to throw massive amounts of tax money at the problem and fatten government in the process—to stop progress while they try to figure out how to stop or even reverse the phenomenon.

Well, the fact was stated at the outset of this piece: warming is happening and man can’t control climate. Then what to do? Do we just sit and wait to be burned away? Or do we do something, even if it’s wrong or even useless?

There have been “problems” with our atmosphere before. Remember the ozone hole? It seems to be no longer a problem. Then how about the insidious rise in Earth’s temperature? Is it really a problem? Can it be stopped? Part of the “problem” is science’s ability to record very slight changes, and the changes are slight. Another is the burgeoning of ever-more-sophisticated mathematical models which can be constructed to predict the future(?). Still another is panic. You get the idea—who can predict the future? Politicians? No. Throwing money at the “problem” is not the solution.

The reason for the current s l o w rise in temperature is simply that Earth is in a general warming phase following the most recent glacial age some 10-12,000 years ago. Nor did these glaciers kill off the populations. One might have to move south, and there will be other methods of survival developed before the next glacial age, if it comes and if it affects us at all. The current temperature rise cannot be stopped; we must learn to live with it and be careful to treat our planet with respect while continuing to live on is as we may.

“A Conservative Answer to Climate Change,’ an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal of February 8, 2017, offers an alternative approach. Messrs. Schultz and Baker suggest a progressive carbon tax encouraging industry “to find the most efficient ways to cut emissions” but with a difference in what to do with the money, to wit: returning the proceeds to the American people rather than to government. What a concept…a “carbon dividends insurance policy” paid to the people. You are encouraged to check out the article for details.

This website is full of articles dealing with climate change and the scientific reasons for it. It truly is not a problem that can be ‘solved” by mankind but is instead a phenomenon that must be lived with, and there’s no reason to panic—just deal with it.

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