The Donald promised to drain the swamp.  Don’t look now, but the task is well underway.

Yes—the swamp has begun to drain;  how else to explain the panic in both parties as they seek to determine just who they are and whom they represent?  How else to explain the disarray in long-established(?) political parties, both of which are losing their original purpose?   How else to explain the virtual collapse of ‘the establishment’ as a non-politician expands his popularity of the ‘deplorables’ who elected him? Those same folks who came out of the woodwork to topple the political establishment by electing a populist who spoke directly to them and for their dissatisfaction with politics as usual?

Mr. Trump is making good on this promise, and a few others as well.  Talk about a third-party movement; we now have a democratic party in shambles and a Republican party that does not support its own candidate.  Instead, we have the birth of what may be called the Democratic Conservatives—a party unaccepted by the rest of the nation, but a party that, if carefully cultivated could change the face of Western civilization.

Sound too bold?  I don’t think so.  Republicans are scurrying to become the party of the working man, a position once sacrosanct with Democrats.  Democrats are scurrying to adapt to a contingency tired of politics as usual and toying with Socialism (which will of course not work in the long run).

We now have a President Of The People elected not by the political establishment but by the common man-on-the-street.  Those who did not see it coming were blindsided by a wealthy and successful businessman who knew little or nothing of politics, but who knows how an economy works and was able to read the thoughts of the unsatisfied masses and to do something about the sinking economy of a failing nation.

It’s time to accept our 45th President and allow him to forge a government of eminently-qualified professionals (soldiers, businessmen and politicians alike) and get with the business of restoring our nation to world leadership.  After all, it’s our country and we should be doing our best for what it once was and what it’s supposed to be.  Give him at least the four years to which he’s entitled and then make up your minds where to go from there.

Draining the swamp is a good first step.

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