What follows is more from Chapter Nine of To Tell The Truth...


Earlier we said that some degree of maturity is necessary to make everything work.  In fact, what’s really necessary is some degree of other-than-physical development, an ongoing, never-ending, maturation process.    You have to continue growing even after you realize that you are expanding along with the universe itself.

John J. Goetz, in his research and writing in urban studies (1989, personal communication), has enumerated certain characteristics of mature individuals who continue to grow as human beings:

They do not always put themselves first;  

They relate well to others, and treat others as individuals;

They seek the ultimate well-being of others in addition to their own;

They realize their limited abilities and see value in a diversity of talents and backgrounds;

They are able to discern, to see past words spoken to what really is being said;

They keep themselves under control; and

They recognize that groups exist to fill a social need;

These are characteristics that we’ve covered earlier, but there’s another:

They cannot stop growing because they know that they are connected in some way with the universe, and therefore to everyone else.


As an integral part of humanity, you are vitally connected to it and the rest of the universe as well.  And, space and energy being continuous, it should be obvious that part of that very space and energy resides as well in every part of the universe, including each one of us.  It follows that whatever happens in any part of this continuum is connected, however indirectly, to every corner of the universe, however large, by the ‘nothing’ between them.  The following thought was expressed earlier; now, however, it’s offered here from a more aggressive perspective:

You matter, no matter how infinitesimal you believe your effect to be.

And you do not, and can not, know how much, or little, that may be.

But the fact that you are connected does not guarantee that you’ll take advantage of all that it really means to you.  It’s up to you to realize your relevance and make a difference.  How?

In order to go beyond ourselves, our brains and our minds, we have to get beyond the physical limits that we have set on them and when we do, to assent to an infinite and eternal connection.  You simply(?) get in touch with your soul, that individual connection with the spiritual and entire cosmos.  And you don’t need a church or other institution to do it.

Unless you’re willing to move beyond the logical and rational, beyond science and its limited methodology, even beyond thinking, you risk remaining locked into only that which you can see.  To move beyond that point you have to be willing to go beyond the limits imposed by conscious thought. You have to know that a verity need not be verified. You have to trust in the concept of spirit.  The only thing you really have to do is to know the truth.  It will indeed set you free.  And truth is always there–a given–absolute.


Abandoning reason might seem to be a strange thing to ask of an intelligent person seeking truth, but before you make any rash judgments, consider again the surplus of things (starting with the Universe) that we have no way of knowing using “conventional” wisdom, yet must have some grasp of, in order to move forward.

Also consider that, while we easily conceive of things to which we can relate, as well as the day-to-day process of living, our bodies cannot handle too much light or too much pain.  Looking directly at the sun for even a few seconds can blind you forever. An excess of sound leads to pain, an excess of which can cause loss of consciousness and actual physical damage. Our bodies simply don’t handle some physical things very well.  Could there be more?


Trusting in the extra-physical is simply a matter of taking advantage of the resources of humanity which, collectively, include all the answers.  And accept it or not, you are connected to the entirety of humanity and the rest of the universe as well; therefore you have access to all the answers.

All you have to do is believe it.

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