ETHICS ISSUES and The Law of The Land


Stressing First Principles is one of our hallmarks.  First Principles—givens and/or absolutes—are the foundation upon which everything rests—WHAT IS.  They simply ARE, and there’s no getting around it.  Light, gravity, truth, life and the rest cannot be ignored or dispensed with.  We normally don’t even think of them because they’re not an issue—they are assumed—invariable and there for EVERYBODY.  They are universal constants.

Our nation is founded upon first principles.  The form of our government is specific and inviolable.  Our laws are a product of the Declaration of Independence and presented in our Constitution.  What follows borrows freely from Professor Edward Erler of Cal State at Santa Barbara.

The first words of the Declaration state from whence the powers of our government come: WE THE PEOPLE.  The first ten Amendments (the Bill Of Rights, specifically individual) reinforce this.  Collective rights and the modern Progressive idea of a ‘living constitution’ are not in keeping with the original intent.  The Constitution cannot arbitrarily be changed with social evolution.  The foundation of our government is what it is (not unlike a first principle).   The mechanism for change—amendment—is built in and clearly specified; so is the separation of powers.

The modern administrative state is a product of progressive thought; there is no provision for it in the Constitution, nor can the judicial branch create it.  This is a free country.  Each of us is guaranteed equal protection of the law, which includes the responsibility to protect the rights of others.  You may recall this as an integral part of the definition of ethics as presented elsewhere on this website.  Ethics is built into our very foundation, and ethics is not subject to modification—it is UNIVERSAL.

Ethics has been under attack since the Greeks invented democracy.  The need for ethics was obvious some 2500-years ago to Socrates (as recorded by Plato and expanded-upon by Aristotle, whose probing mind and writings gave rise to conflicting interpretations resulting in the mess we have today).  The Enlightenment(?) cut away large chunks of it, throwing it into disarray.

It certainly appears that modern (Greek) ethics was born in response to government.  Apparently politicians have been creating their own reality since time immemorial.  Of course, ethics precedes the Greeks, having been built into our very beings at the dawn of man.

It falls upon us–you and me—to restore honesty to the world.  Truth has been bent, folded, spindled and otherwise mutilated, beyond recognition in some cases, and in any case should be recognized in its rightful place as an inviolate First Principle.  THAT’S where the effort should be spent, not in trying to wrestle nature to the ground or legislate behavior, both impossible tasks.

Doing so is simply making up one’s mind to be as honest as possible and not messing with the standards.  They ARE WHAT THEY ARE.  The law can’t return us to reality.  It’s up to We The People, individually, and that means you.

It’s Extreme Ethics’s mission to save the world one truth at a time.  We could use some help…

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