Truth has no agenda

…believe it…

Ethics is about truth and honesty (which is applied truth).  Denial includes the refusal to see the truth (honor the facts); therefore it must be unethical.

The Western World is in denial regarding the dangers of extreme Islamism; that denial will kill us.

Our Western culture promulgates the defense of individual rights (including freedom of speech and religion among others), and seeks to apply these freedoms across the board. No problem here, except…

Islam is not merely a religion, but an ideology—an entire culture of its own—and cannot be treated simply as a religion. Islam embraces Sharia Law—conspicuously in opposition to our Constitutional Law–therefore it must be seen as opposed to the basic rights of Western culture. Should there be any doubt regarding these statements, simply refer to the Holy Quran, the Muslim handbook:

The Muslim interpretation of the Old Testament was written 900-years after Muhammad, who lived 500-years after Christ—1400 years after the fact—and differs significantly from the Bible of the Jews and later Christians. Muslims claim that the prophet the Jews expected was Muhammad (among other differences). However, it would appear that the original narrative (Bible) would govern.

Careful reading of the Quran discloses mixed (sometimes conflicting) messages written at different times in history. Invoking fear and dealing in large part with annihilation of falsehood (meaning infidels—all others), and teaches that Islam will triumph in the world. It teaches as well manners and morals, BUT NOT ALWAYS MORALITY (unless stoning women is considered moral…).

From the Quran: Jesus, the prophet anticipating Muhammad, was neither divine nor God’s son (Allah fathered no one), neither performed miracles nor died on the cross, but died instead much later a natural death and, by leaving Israel without a spiritual leader, the spiritual kingdom defaulted to Islam. Jesus would go to hell; his followers perverted his teachings after his death. The Quran defines the Trinity as God, Jesus and Mary and not the Trinity known to everyone else.

More from the Quran, regarding the Jews: Abraham was the first Muslim. The Jews ‘follow evil crafts’ and sought to kill the prophets; the Quran casts them as swine and apes, unfit to possess the Holy Land.

The Quran forbids Muslims from being friendly with other faiths (there is no religious freedom here) because they are victims of the Jews and Arabs, ‘peacemakers’ who cannot be defeated and will either die defending Islam or live and conquer. Muslims…’shall overtake them (the infidels—all others) by degrees, from whence they know not.’

Islam claims to be the only religion of pure monotheism in the world. It deals in large part with the annihilation of falsehood—that is to say, any other belief. Islam is said to be spread ‘in spite of the sword,’ not by the sword, although Muslims are permitted to ‘kill the disbelievers’ (again, all others) and attack and fight them to stop persecution.

In case you think that our reading of Islam is too severe, hear the words of Egypt’s President addressing clerics and scholars at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University (2014): “It is inconceivable that this ideology—I am referring not to ‘religion’ but to ideology—is hostile to the entire world; that 1.6 billion Muslims would kill the world’s population of 7 billion, so that they could live on their own. …You cannot see things clearly when you are locked in this ideology…You must oppose it with resolve…to revolutionize our religion. …(T)he Islamic nation is being torn apart, destroyed, and is heading to perdition. We ourselves are bringing it to perdition.” Strong words indeed, from one who knows, telling Muslims: ‘heal thyself.’

The truth is that the culture expounded in the Quran is incompatible with our own and many of our basic human rights including freedom of religion and equal treatment of citizens, and cannot be justified within the American (or any Western) culture. To do so is unethical. Our Constitution guarantees religious, not ideological, freedom; it must necessarily be compatible with those religions in accord with itself. Laws in conflict with the Constitution (such as Sharia Law) cannot stand here. It must therefore be rejected, not endured.

It is FACT that that every American citizen is governed by our Constitution, and that, try as some might to deny it, our nation was founded on primarily Judeo-Christian principles while not purposely excluding those of other faiths. Reading the founding documents and the considerable literature describing what the founders had in mind when they wrote them makes this quite clear.

It is FACT that Islamists not only practice their religion as put forth in the Quran and promulgated by the prophet Muhammad, but live by the way of life specified by the Quran and Muhammad’s later writings. How can America be expected to honor freedom of a religion that is incompatible and conflicts directly with the principles upon which our Republic was founded? We can’t. It’s unethical. And it’s suicide.



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