may09 021The EPA is by definition an administration, meaning that it is an agent of the Executive branch of government rather than the Administrative.  As such, it is wide open to politicians favoring activist groups for their votes.  It has, since its inception, served to stifle progress both scientific and infrastructural by onerous fees and seemingly unending delays for approval.  We have only semi-facetiously referred to it as Economic Prevention Activists.

In fact, federal power has increased to the point of impeding the moving forward of civilization.  Strong words but true.

EPA is only one of many federal agencies that dictate policy under the protection of the Executive Branch, safely protected from lawmaking government (Congress) in the name of themselves.  Many of these wave the banner of political correctness, usually incorrect in itself.  Many of their current and proposed actions are ethically improper and/or unconstitutional, subject to sympathetic court action at the courts’ pleasure (which is itself unconstitutional).

The Environmental Protection Agency has been a major contributing factor to our reliance on foreign oil for more than 50-years.  Its actions have effectively stopped development of nuclear power since the ‘60s and held back development of other domestic energy (coal, oil, gas) production.  It has virtually—by regulation and delay—immobilized drilling for plentiful domestic oil both on- and off-shore and curtailed development of coal and natural gas reserves.  It is truly standing in the way of societal evolution.  The EPA is out of control.

The current trend toward ‘renewable resources’ is the rallying cry of a loud minority.  Solar and wind power are touted as ‘sustainable energy’ resources.  While both are capable of generating ‘clean’ energy, neither is anywhere near as practical or cost-effective as existing (and proven) methods.  Even safe nuclear energy can be generated locally—this can be confirmed by our own Navy which employs such power effectively on its ships.  Natural gas reserves are proving to be plentiful and safe.  Vast oil reserves are available within our own borders and can be safely developed. Distribution systems exist for all of these.

Solar and wind power, on the other hand, must be generated at their sources—where the sun shines and the wind blows—and these areas tend to be far from prime markets. They require large areas of open land because of their inefficiencies, and massive distribution systems are required to get the power to where it is needed.  ‘Wind farms’ are ugly and noisy; they and their necessary transmission lines are a blight on the landscape and require significant real estate.  Both kill protected species of birds (environmental activists tend to ignore this in spite of its violating other of their agendas).  Solar power eventually will be effective in certain localities, but we’re not there yet.

The ‘global warming’ argument continues to be proven specious as yet another glaring example of the charade of political correctness, yet untold millions of dollars are destined to be wasted on its ‘prevention’ and ‘solution’ both in ‘research’ and, of course, subsidies.  This amounts to throwing good money after bad, and should be stopped in its tracks.  Our nation cannot afford to fund fairy tales.

It’s time to recover control of our government.  It’s our ethical right and our duty.  We’re here to help.


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