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Barack Obama came out of nowhere to campaign for (and win) the Presidency on the strength of promises made and a talent for rhetoric.  His qualifications for the position were minimal, (a matter of record), but apparently America was ready for a black President and gave him a pass on that basis.  About 90% of blacks voted for him.  So did many whites—racial discrimination was not a factor (remember, only about 13-percent of the population is black).  It was noted that “…47 percent of the people…will vote for (him), no matter what …(They) pay no income tax,  are dependent upon government…(and) believe the government has a responsibility to care for them…(and) that they are entitled to health care, food, and housing.”  Robbing Peter to pay Paul will always get the enthusiastic support of Paul.

The President was elected on persona and his pledge of transparency and bi-partisanship but immediately after election reneged on that pledge, adopting a wholly egocentric approach (when challenged by a Republican, he responded arrogantly with: “I won”), and by ramming distinctly partisan legislation through a Democrat congress, championing selective bailouts, a ‘stimulus’ package and a health care bill drawn up and passed deliberately exclusive of Republican participation.  In other words, he lied (deliberately deceived others) to get elected.  He has continued to deceive by denying or ignoring associations with known anti-Americans (i.e., Reverend Wright) and criminals (Chicago is famous for them), and keeps hidden his personal records.  His badly-managed administration is fraught with scandal (Benghazi, the IRS, Operation Fast and Furious, among others) and deliberately withholds important information.  Transparency?  Hardly…

He does not govern but continues to campaign vigorously (even at press briefings) in a populist vein, going so far as to publicly vow to reinstall Nancy Pelosi (famous for claiming that legislation must be passed before it is read) as Speaker of the House in 2014.  He personally and publicly supports high-profile blacks (Trayvon  Martin,  Henry Gates) despite compelling evidence to the contrary, and foments black activism in his continued campaigning.  This is all a matter of record, and politics, not governing.

Even now he is conducting an eight-week on-the-road campaign to promote his failed economic agenda while his administration continues to flounder.  He campaigns because he is unable to govern.  Doubts?  Look at the record.  He routinely bypasses Congress because he cannot deal with conflict or disproval, choosing instead to rule by fiat (Executive Order).  His divisiveness is apparent in his hollow ‘sequester’ and ‘fiscal cliff’ threats, and his health-care package, unsupported by a large majority of Americans, is proving unworkable.  His disdain for our Constitution is apparent in his foreign policy and vow to change the very character of our Nation—a matter of record as well.  Is this in keeping with the responsibilities of the President of the United States?  Not even close.

History will show the Obama presidency to be the most unethical in modern times.  We’ll do well to survive it.

Any fool can make a speech.  It takes character to speak the truth.  SJ Lewis

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