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It’s not just terrorism that threatens our society.

Political Correctness  used to be merely an annoyance to those of us comfortable with the truth; we assumed that honesty would eventually win out over the obvious maneuverings typical of PC.  Well, it’s turned out to not be the case.  The ‘right’ to not be offended (the truth might be ‘hurtful’…) is the trump card of those who cannot convince others that theirs is the only way.  PC, reaching new levels of absurdity, has become the new norm.  Those Progressives so fond of it have taken it upon themselves to label individuals choosing to not follow their party line as…RACIST.

Charles Krauthammer: “(Progressives are) entering a new phase of ideological agitation—no longer trying to win the debate but stopping debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition. The proper word for that attitude is totalitarian.”  Political Correctness (strictly a product of Progressives) is one of their weapons.  Others are ad hominem attacks and the use of abusive language, often both on the same occasion.

Progressives frequently attack the opposition and its motives rather than present their own ideas, cultivating resentment and engaging in character assassination rather than honest and serious debate on the merits of both sides’ arguments.  A recent example: the political and organizing director for Service Employees International Union, Local 150, delivered a political diatribe laced with obscenities against conservatives.

By delegitimizing rational thought in favor of applied emotion,modern-day Progressives imply  that those of us who judge rationally (rather than from their own ‘progressive’ viewpoint) are prejudiced—biased against all others who do not see things as they are.  And well we might be, but if so, ours is a coherent conclusion rather than the blanket classifications typical of authoritarian factions who can’t tolerate not having things their way.  (If you can’t win, make the opposition appear to lose by default.  Or: “when you can’t argue the facts, argue the law. When you can’t argue the law, argue the facts. When you can’t argue either the facts or the law, start calling names.”)

“Racism in 21st century America…with…its multitude of government programs meant to nurture and raise up non-whites…and…affirmative action programs at universities and corporations, endures largely as a plug-in political concept…because (liberal) politicians…act as though everything…is centered on race, or class, or sex.”  Studies run by Yale University and the University of Minnesota have concluded that air pollution is racist…

Those of us who do not subscribe to the dishonesties of Progressive PC usually are race-neutral, yet we are labeled racist as follows:

Racism, as currently defined by racists themselves (who, after all, ought to know) is a function of the entire white American population who “…have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination.”  Blacks cannot be racist by their own definition—they are of course victimized by it.  (The foregoing is included in ‘sensitivity training’ for incoming students at the University of Delaware, which defines “reverse racism” as an invention of those same whites “to deny their white privilege.” This is not reasoning, it is indoctrination with a redefinition of reality.)  By those standards, racists of course would include Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Ms. Pelosi, and countless of other white government officials.  But Progressives are to be judged by other criteria…

This totalitarian attitude goes to the top: Any criticism of President Obama has become grounds for being labeled racist.  At a recent political rally the President and Eric Holder (who by their own definition cannot possibly be racist) made the (racist) statement that blacks and poor people find it difficult to vote, further stating that “(the) recent effort to restrict the vote has been led by the (racist) Republican Party.”  And according to Nancy Pelosi, race had ‘something to do’ with conservatives’ objections to immigration reform as well.  (It couldn’t possibly be that border security is an obvious priority of Americans living in the affected border states—they must instead be “racists” who hate Hispanics…)

Disdain for those of us living between the coasts rather than ‘on the waterfronts’ has become the rule. Beneath the liberal ‘concern’ for the middle class lacing the campaign speeches of most liberal politicians there lurks a profound contempt for the citizens of the land of God, guns, religion, and traditional beliefs. During his 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama voiced his own contempt for the other-than-elite:  “It’s not surprising then,” he said, “that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”  (Have you ever noticed that those accusing others of a particular fault are more often than not guilty of the very same fault?)

Racism may be the Progressives’ trump card, but their hand includes others of the same suit:

The Washington Post recently received a petition signed by more than 110,000 progressive stalwarts demanding a ban on any commentary questioning global warming (the First Amendment ought to be suspended for some of us).  And we find that EPA doesn’t have nor can it produce scientific data justifying the Clean Air Act.  It simply writes prohibitive rules and regulations with no backup (the need for scientific proof is suspended for some of us).

We’ve traced the progress of the Progressive strain of liberalism taking over the Democrat Party from the beginnings of the 20th Century.  In addition to the Frankfurt School, other early twentieth-century thinkers and writers’ ideas helped shape liberal ideology.  New York Post columnist Fred Siegel reminds us of the works of H.G Wells and Herbert Croly, who “rejected American tradition, with its faith in the Constitution and its politics of parties and courts, and argued for rebuilding America’s foundation on…spiritual and political principles that would transcend traditional ideas of democracy and self-government.”

There’s no doubt that Mr. Obama believes the government should control all of the land and water in the United States. He sees the government as the protector of the nation’s resources. He does not respect private property – it is the government’s to take by any means. This should now be obvious to everyone.

Political Correctness is part of an effort to delegitimize reason in favor of emotion.  Why? Because reason, and the intellectual rigor that undergirds it, represents the ultimate stumbling block for progressives and their totalitarian impulses.  And their efforts stand a good chance of succeeding with the indoctrination (in both public school and college) of younger Americans who have not been made aware of their history.

We have a problem.  Showing PC for the lie it is will go a long way toward its solution.

“Justice is the (aim) of government. It is the (aim) of civil society. But it must not be pursued at the expense of LIBERTY.   (James Madison, Federalist No. 51, 1788, paraphrased)

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