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This website has insisted that Climate Change is a natural phenomenon that has taken place since Earth had climate. Of course, man has had an effect (by virtue of his waste CO2 and other actions), but that effect tends to be minor when compared with other sources (gas and natural ‘pollutants’ contributed by such as volcanic activity).

On the other hand, politically-motivated science claims that man will shortly tip the balance toward his own extinction by contributing excessive amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere, and that extreme (and expensive) steps need to be taken NOW to avoid catastrophe.  We disagree.

It continues to be our position that Nature has a stake in maintaining Earth’s natural balance, and will compensate naturally for aberrations to that balance as it always has in the past. Models predicting disaster cannot and do not consider all forces that determine climate, in particular hydrological factors including the oceans which cover more than 70% of our planet to an average depth of 2-1/2 miles with ever-moving currents and changing chemical composition; the presence, change and movement of water vapor in the atmosphere; and the ability of water to change phases easily (and instantaneously) in response to changing conditions imposed on it (these are covered in considerable detail in numerous earlier posts).

There is no doubt that natural compensation (evaporation, condensation, currents, etc.) is imperfectly understood and impossible to model with any confidence. Neither is there scientific consensus on the effect of mankind on that balance, in spite of claims to the contrary (but see below).  And it is notable that sea-level rise remains consistent at about one foot per year and that as Arctic ice decreases, Antarctic ice increases.

And there is no doubt that, while Earth temperatures rose (by less than a degree) during the past 50-years (less than 1.5 degrees during the entire 20th Century), they have increased significantly more slowly in the past 16-17 years despite man’s increased impact during that time (the same time that mankind’s contribution to carbon dioxide levels have increased by about 25-percent).  To quote Dr. Steven Koonin’s article in the Wall Street Journal of September 20-21 (2014):

This surprising fact demonstrates directly that natural influences and variability are powerful enough to counteract the present warming influence exerted by human activity,” essentially corroborating our own position as presented (for years) in previous posts.

The politically-motivated ‘climate lobby’ counters that warming is continuing at the earlier rate, but  has somehow taken place in the oceans.  However, there is absolutely no evidence for this conclusion.  Additionally, they have predicted that the ‘heat sink’ effect of the oceans will not last beyond 2030, but neither is there scientific support for this theory.  In fact, considering the vast quantities of water contained in Earth’s oceans, this theory would appear to have no basis in fact at all.

Careful examination of ALL the evidence will confirm that we need not panic. While the current climate change issue is unsettled, it remains imperfectly understood. We should take pains to understand it before making binding policy, while realizing that changing it would be at best a difficult (if not impossible) task.


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