Islam: Politically Incorrct


You must realize that our American Way of life is under a siege protected by political correctness.  Terrorists have been attacking us on our soil for years.  September 11, 2001 may have been the worst assault, but aggression began years before.  The attacks at the Boston Marathon and the San Jose (CA) power station on April 16, 2013 are more recent examples.  Our embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists, killing four Americans including our Ambassador.  This is, by any name, warfare.  Our nation is at war, however politically-incorrect it is to admit.

Most of these attacks have been made by Islamists—Muslims by another name—and it is likely that all were in fact the work of Islamic terrorists.  Why?  Because in spite of how politically incorrect it is to say, it is the stated aim of Islam to eradicate all other religions.  One need only read the Quran to know this—it’s there in plain language for anyone to see.  The fact is that Islam is more than a religion—it is an unethical 7th Century culture, a way of life in total opposition to ours.  Sharia Law directly opposes our own law as specified in our Constitution; the two are incompatible.  There is no question about it.

Our rule of law does not discriminate between religions.  Sharia law does—Islam alone is permitted, and it is the duty of Muslims abiding by their Quran to achieve a Muslim world by any means.  These facts are clearly stated in the Quran for all to read—perhaps not politically correct, but fact nonetheless.  Ignoring or hiding from them is no protection.

The Constitution:  Our Rule of Law

Islamists in our country are protected by our rule of law so long as we consider Islam a religion only.  It is not. Islam is committed to Sharia law, which cannot be followed under our own rule of law.  So long as we consider Islam to be a religion only, we are held powerless by our own law to oppose it.  This need not be a dilemma.  All one has to do is read the Quran to understand the situation and take steps to protect our nation and way of life from the very real threat before our very eyes.

Political correctness is a curse promulgated by those who would destroy our way of life, a fact documented in the work of the Frankfurt School of the earlier 20th Century.  Only minimal research will prove this fact.

A strong America under strong leadership is needed to protect our God-given way of life that has made us the strongest and most advanced nation on earth.  Sure—I know that mentioning the Creator is not PC, but you can bet that Muslims employ God in their own work.  Perhaps we should appreciate ours more…

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