Ethics is all about truth, and the truth is: Nature Bats Last.  No matter what man does, nature has the last word.  Here’s another truism:

Nature Doesn’t Lie.  Nature is exactly what it is, no more, no less—the essence of truth. And truth is exactly what it is—no more, no less than perfection. We don’t define perfection because we can’t achieve it.  It remains beyond us.  Further, we have stipulated truth as being free of lies (i.e., untruths are not truth.  Duh…).

But that’s as far as we can go. Truth can’t be perfectly defined because truth is an a priori cause—a First Principle–that can’t be defined by its effect[s]i.e., truth is a givenEverything requires truth to even be (exist) in the first place.  (This means that truth must have preceded even the Universe, which couldn’t exist without it).

But the concept (of truth) has to be articulated to some degree so that we can deal with it—after all, that’s why man invented words.  The following definition (not original) is based on perfection (another First Principle):  a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle; being in conformity with reality, transcending even what may be perceived.  In other words, although something may be true, we may not comprehend it. This is important.  As an example:  consider the Universe.  It’s real, but we don’t fully comprehend it.  It’s literally beyond us.

That said, we can finally deal with words themselves. 

Words are artifacts, manufactured by man to communicate. But words are what we make them; therefore we are the source of lies.  Lies are born when we try to create truth in our own image–when in fact we have an agenda.  Truth has no agenda.  Nature does not have an agenda, and truth does not have an agenda.

What is, is true:  The Universe; Earth; Mankind.  What we say or do is imperfect, questionable. (For more on this GoTo  )

The message here is: When you detect an agenda, question it.   So, to summarize…

Truth has no agenda. 

And a bonus fact or two:

FACT:  Knowledge requires truth. You can’t know something that isn’t true.  Truth is the benchmark of fact, and we don’t have all the facts. Anyone can play games with words—words are artifacts.  We create them.  We do NOT create truth.  It precedes us.  Truth precedes everything.

FACT:  We cannot control Earth any more than we can control Nature or the Universe.  What we can control is ourselves.  Begin with TRUTH and begin right (and for that matter good).

Be honest, first with yourself, then with others.  It will get you everywhere.

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