The following is excerpted from the book To Tell The Truth… Ethics Unwrapped.  We will continue to provide excerpts from the book in future posts.  In the meantime you may wish to read the entire book (?!) 


You are the most important person in your life.  But who are you, really?  Well, who you are is what you do with what you are-–the gender, race, and distinctive physical makeup you were born with:  male, female, black, white, tall, short, whatever, a totally unique human being in the same world with countless other totally unique human beings, each with a brain weighing in the neighborhood of three pounds and the same universal truths to work with. You breathe air and your heart pumps blood.  Gravity works as well for you as for anyone else. Your day is the same length.  You have feelings and emotions.  You can form or quit relationships. Just like everyone else.

But you—the who you are—are not just like everyone elseWho you are is entirely unique to you and what you do with the virtually limitless resources available to you. The fact is that you have within yourself a storehouse of life knowledge courtesy of that three-pound brain that also provides access to the entire wisdom of humanity. Everyone starts with the same resources, but not everyone is aware of them and, if they are, they’re handled in their own unique fashion.  How you handle them determines who you are.

While you can’t control what you are, you have the power to be whomever you want to be.  Just unlock your mind to what’s already there and believe what you already know, and you will become all you already are.  Believe it.

Doing it is straightforward; simply apply the facts of life starting with the principal one—the one that’s been redefined to the point of pointlessness as our society has plunged into the future—truth.

It’s this book’s task to put truth into sharp focus using common knowledge uncommonly dealt with, putting essential issues in honest perspective.  And it’s really quite simple. Just trust in yourself and what is, and become all that you really are.

[to be continued – in depth]

It may help to read the book…


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