This comes from one of our original blogs about global warming.  It’s still current.

I’ve been a geologist for more than half a century (and an engineer as well for about 8 years during that time).  Geology being the science of the earth naturally includes the environment (which IS Earth).  Typically, we geologists begin our investigations by observing and documenting current conditions, then working backward to determine how they got that way.  We do this using, among other tools, the method of multiple working hypotheses devised by T.C. Chamberlin, an American geologist who died before my time; it has found its way into other forensic sciences.  Essentially, it involves looking at current conditions and investigating simultaneously, without prejudice, every conceivable path that might have led to the current situation.  This method will necessarily inglobal_warming_by_teabing1clude chasing down dead ends and correcting wrong turns, but it has the advantage of identifying false and misleading information and enhancing the credibility of the conclusion.  It is, if anything, a thorough and exhaustive approach.  And it’s the key to evaluating climate change.

My own geology education began in 1950 and has been augmented in many ways since that time.  Being the definitive earth science, geology includes hydrology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, even cosmology, any science that adds to knowledge about the earth and conditions thereon.  In other words, it’s not just ‘rocks.’  It goes back to the Big Bang and proceeds from there.  And it’s the key to evaluating climate change.

Geologists necessarily investigate past earth environments using various techniques including drilling & coring, geophysics, glaciology, fossils, stratigraphy, mineralogy, structural science, and anything else (including tree rings) that might provide clues to historical climate change, among other things.  In other words, we are uniquely qualified to determine what happened when, during the earth’s long history.  It’s what we do.  And we know something about climate change.

When I began my education, plate tectonics, ‘continental drift,’ mid-ocean ridges and other massive, literally earth-shaking, features were only ideas (no kidding).  In other words, I go ‘way back.  Now, plate tectonics can be observed in real-time.  When I began my geology education, geophysics was a ‘science abornin’.  Now, precise geophysical methods are used regularly and with confidence to investigate and measure accurately otherwise-unobservable earth conditions.  And I’m proud to have been involved directly in its development and use.

I have grown up with, and contributed to, contemporary earth science.  I have kept current with post-graduate courses in rock mechanics, hydrology, engineering geology, soils engineering, remote sensing, seismology, geophysical methods, even statistical methods and computer modeling, few of which were available in my undergraduate years.  I have done this so as to keep up with the ever-developing earth sciences.  I’ve written professional papers and articles, and I continue to study my chosen science even as I grow unable to follow it all.

I bore you with these details only to point out that I know something about the subject.  Really.  I am, in fact, an expert, and I lay my expertise on the line.  Regarding ethics, I am dedicated to the truth.

I can say, without reservation, that ‘global warming’ as promulgated by those who have no idea what they’re talking about is a hoax.  Climate change is real, and will always be with us.  It’s what nature does, without our help.  You can read all about it at any number of blogs on this website and, if you will investigate the facts you will necessarily come to the same conclusion.  I guarantee it, because it’s the truth.

The ‘global warming’ scare is political, not scientific, and it’s just that–a scare–with no basis in fact.  You can believe it or not, but there’s no reason to panic.  So relax and enjoy our world.  Take care of it, of course, but remember that we are guests, not hosts, on this planet, and there’s no way we can supplant nature.  It has complete control over us, and that you can take to the bank.  Get used to it.

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