The Donald promised to reform health care. Don’t look now, but the task is well underway.

How else to explain the virtual collapse of ‘the establishment’ as a non-politician expands his popularity with the ‘deplorables’ who elected him? Those same folks who came out of the woodwork to topple the political establishment by electing a populist who spoke directly to them and for their dissatisfaction with politics as usual?

Yes—the health-care hodge-podge is beginning to come together. Mr. Trump is making good on his promise, and a few others as well. Talk about a third-party movement; it could be under construction: a party that, if carefully cultivated, will change the face of Western civilization.

Believe it or else, the health-care dead-end has taken a right turn. What we’re seeing is a return to real politics not-as-usual. Ignore the media hype and behold discussions over a health bill featuring an Executive working closely with The Legislative to come to agreement on a functional amendment to the bill to “address conservative concerns before the legislation hits the floor….There are daily telephone round-robins” between Messrs Ryan, McConnell, Trump, Pence. Priebus and Tom Price. This is cooperation, folks, and remember that The Donald’s long suit is negotiating, and that his reputation is riding on affordable health. He will not be denied. He has promised a workable health-care plan to the entire band of deplorables at his right hand and isn’t about to let them (us) down.



(thanks to Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2017, for elements herein)

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