An Exercise In Ethics – LET TRUMP BE TRUMP

Let Trump be Trump.

There’s a new book out by this name, and at least the title says volumes.  Seldom have we seen a phenomenon like Trump.  He communicates personally by social media, ignoring the press like the plague it has turned out to be.  They, along with the rest of the Washington Establishment, literally hate him for his unconventionality because they can’t control him, so much so that there’s a well-established movement to impeach him.

The result is a President Of The People.  Whether or not he can survive outside the establishment will be seen, but so far he’s accomplished quite a lot of what he promised, and will continue to do so for as long as he has the support of those he represents.

So let Trump be Trump!

He can win, you know.  And the world will be better for it.  His foreign relations are at least honest, his domestic policies defensible, and he’s on the way toward draining the swamp. No wonder the swamp fears him.

Would you rather have the swamp or a true government Of The People?  Or have we become so jaded that we’ve come to believe that the swamp represents normality?

So let Trump be Trump!  He can always be voted out in a few years.  The Obama presidency has proven that short-lived damage can be repaired.  And so far there’s been no damage except to the establishment (including the press and CNN).

What do YOU think??

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