DRAINING THE SWAMP:  Making America Great Again

We’re off! And the Trump Administration is gaining altitude as we speak.

wisdom speaks

Listen to the Man…

After considerable initial turbulence The Administration is on its promised way. Once the entire system is staffed and running, things will only improve. It’s clear that we have a President that means what he says, unlike many of his political forebears. Appointees in place are in command of their positions, and Trump is making good on his promises to Make America Great Again. Showing muscle in Syria has made a positive impression on most of the Free World, and the Mother Of All Bombs has impressed the proletariat elsewhere. Getting other nations on board should be easier now, and look for the economy to improve significantly over the next few months (and thenceforth…)

And the opposition has been quelled to some degree by the appointment of a Conservative justice to the supreme Court. The Nuclear Option served its purpose and a more reasonable system of laws should pervade the future.

ISIS must and will be stopped, and time will tell how Russia and China will react. Domestically, immigration and tax policies will be improved by two new appointees. Bets are on re: The Wall, just another way to building new infrastructure and putting more people to work.

The Trump Presidency is underway; the future is bright. Celebrate!!

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