GLOBAL WARMING: One cannot KNOW anything that isn’t TRUTH

TRUTH: a verified or indisputable fact; verity.  The principle of actuality or actual existence; conformity with fact or reality.    Mathematical certainty (i.e., 1+1=2).  Or another way of putting it: Truth is what remains after everything impossible has been eliminated.  So let’s examine the truth about global warming.

A few years ago it was fashionable to claim that 98% of all climate scientists agreed that anthropogenic global warming (that resulting from man’s burning of carbon fuels) was endangering the very future of our planet.  The fact of 98% of anyone ever agreeing on anything being suspect on its face seemed to be irrelevant, but anyone disagreeing with that announcement was labeled a denier and summarily banished from ‘science’ as a charlatan.

The fact (truth) is that the claim is false.  The number may have been invented by counting all members of all organizations not denying the claim.  The fact is that not all members of all those organizations were in agreement with the claim. [I was(am) one of them, and qualified to question the claim as well as offer alternate geologic explanations.]

Since that time there have been numerous contributions to climate science that have proven the claim to be false for any number of reasons, the most obvious being that there exist other possibilities.   The impossible has not been eliminated.

More than just possibility, it is fact that perfectly natural forces contribute to global warming.  It is fact that Earth currently is in an interglacial (between glaciations) period following the latest glacial advance some 10-12,000 years ago.  It is fact that there have been at least five 15,000-year glacial epochs in the recent geological past, spaced at roughly 100,000-year intervals, during which significant portions of our planet have been partially covered by massive ice sheets (i.e., it was cold).  Between these glaciations necessarily were periods of more rapid warming–global warming.  Currently we are in another perfectly natural warming period and, if nature has any effect, it will get warmer with or without our efforts.

These warming/cooling trends correlate with natural variations in Earth’s orbit, which changes periodically in accordance with corresponding Milankovitch cycles (variations in precession, eccentricity, insolation and obliquity of Earth’s orbit) among other factors which keep the system in critical balance.

Man’s effect on Earth’s climate is not as great as it’s being made out to be.  In fact, the main arbiter of Earth’s varying climate is not man but instead the oceans’ multi-directional currents.  Water covers 70-percent of Earth’s surface to an average depth of more than two miles, kept constantly in motion by gravity, temperature, density, convection, evaporation (water vapor comprises 75% of atmospheric gases which also are in constant flux, contributing as well to climate variations), Earth’s rotation, tides, sea-floor spreading, sub-marine volcanic activity and any number of factors which are imperfectly known, let alone understood.  Until they take all pertinent variables into consideration, mathematical models will continue to be questionable.

Note well that this does not mean that anthropogenic warming is not a factor—just that there are natural forces known to have been at work as well since well before mankind, known to have occurred at least five times previously.

And while it may even be true that most climate scientists agree that man-made warming is a major factor, neither consensus nor politics are science.  Statistics and probabilities might suggest that the maximum percentage of believers could be closer to 67%, perhaps as high as 80%, but even these numbers are rough estimates rather than real.  At any rate, consensus isn’t science; the 98% figure is impossible on its surface and has been proven to be bogus ever since it was advanced.

The point is that man’s activities may contribute to a limited degree to Earth’s warming, and care should be taken to respect this possibility, but man does not control Earth’s climate; this is accomplished by natural factors which tend to have a stabilizing influence that depends on nature, not mankind.

It’s true—get used to it…

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