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What follows is more from Chapter Nine of To Tell The Truth...


Earlier we said that some degree of maturity is necessary to make everything work.  In fact, what’s really necessary is some degree of other-than-physical development, an ongoing, never-ending, maturation process.    You have to continue growing even after you realize that you are expanding along with the universe itself.

John J. Goetz, in his research and writing in urban studies (1989, personal communication), has enumerated certain characteristics of mature individuals who continue to grow as human beings:

They do not always put themselves first;  

They relate well to others, and treat others as individuals;

They seek the ultimate well-being of others in addition to their own;

They realize their limited abilities and see value in a diversity of talents and backgrounds;

They are able to discern, to see past words

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 What follows is from Chapter Nine of To Tell The Truth…, available from this website as well as Amazon.  See also the BLOG of April 17, entitled Nothing Matters.


While the mind is how the brain relates each individual beyond himself, its use necessarily is limited to terms that its owner can deal with.  But while our minds require our brains, the ubiquitous potency of the universe does not.  In other words, there remains a dimension that is the essence of our existence, a vital incorporeal part of life itself that pervades our being.  It exists within us as well as in all of space without us, connecting each of us to not only every other one of us, but every corner of the universe, perhaps beyond.  This essence is original, eternal and immortal, meaning

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Worried about North Korea?  Please don’t. The worst that could happen is too grim to contemplate.  One can only assume that clearer heads will prevail because, if they don’t, the world will be too messy to clean up.  Armageddon.

Let’s assume that China will prevail and ‘The North’ will be brought down to size.  Let’s assume as well that Trump will mean what he says.  So far he has.  There are too many ways to stop North Korea in its tracks.  All it takes is balls, and after 8+ years we finally have them.   What remains is to use them.  Reason says we will.

Missles can be fouled at their source; cyber warfare is real.  The Mother of All Bombs has a family as well.  ‘The North’ has been tolerated as far as possible.  Now it’s pay-up

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Back in 1993 I had the unsettling experience of waking up suddenly—literally—to the realization that nothing matters.  Obviously there was more to it than that—of course at least some things matter, one of which is that the experience itself mattered to the extent that it changed my life in a big way.

An alternate translation—it doesn’t matter—helped to clear up the mystery.  Lots of things that we don’t even consider matter a lot, things that are there whether or not we are.  We simply ignore them because there’s nothing we can do about (or without) them anyway.

The point of all this is that by digging a little deeper into life, we can get more out of it.  It’s amazing what can be done with even a little bit of extra thought.

While I might not be able to convey

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DRAINING THE SWAMP:  Making America Great Again

We’re off! And the Trump Administration is gaining altitude as we speak.

wisdom speaks

Listen to the Man…

After considerable initial turbulence The Administration is on its promised way. Once the entire system is staffed and running, things will only improve. It’s clear that we have a President that means what he says, unlike many of his political forebears. Appointees in place are in command of their positions, and Trump is making good on his promises to Make America Great Again. Showing muscle in Syria has made a positive impression on most of the Free World, and the Mother Of All Bombs has impressed the proletariat elsewhere. Getting other nations on board should be easier now, and look for the economy to improve significantly over the next few months (and thenceforth…)

And the opposition has been quelled to some degree by the appointment of

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The Donald promised to reform health care. Don’t look now, but the task is well underway.

How else to explain the virtual collapse of ‘the establishment’ as a non-politician expands his popularity with the ‘deplorables’ who elected him? Those same folks who came out of the woodwork to topple the political establishment by electing a populist who spoke directly to them and for their dissatisfaction with politics as usual?

Yes—the health-care hodge-podge is beginning to come together. Mr. Trump is making good on his promise, and a few others as well. Talk about a third-party movement; it could be under construction: a party that, if carefully cultivated, will change the face of Western civilization.

Believe it or else, the health-care dead-end has taken a right turn. What we’re seeing is a return to real politics not-as-usual. Ignore the media hype and behold discussions over a

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