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DONALD TRUMP: An Unusual President?

Not if you’re paying attention. President Trump is not a Republican, nor is he a Democrat, because President Trump is not a politician. He owes no allegiance to either party, because neither party elected him. Both parties’ establishments were against his presidency, and remain so. No. Mr. Trump is The President—nothing less.
President Trump is President of the people, elected by the people, just as presidents are supposed to be. What a concept! A President Of The People! Why hadn’t someone thought of this before? Answer: They did. Back in the 18th Century. Just as legislatures were supposed to do their elected duty and then go home, So was the President. Nobody said he had to be a politician; he was just supposed to be The President. Elected by the people: a President Of The People. Nobody said there had to be politicians elected for life. They were supposed to

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Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as our next Secretary of Education.  This is one of the most important of the Trump nominations to date.

Our public educational system has been hampered by public-sector unions for ages past.  Unions have served the teachers rather than the students with the result that educational standards have been on the decrease for as long.  Part of the problem is that alternative systems (such as the use of charter schools not under control of unions) have been kept out of the mainstream in spite of their clear superiority.  With the confirmation of Ms. DeVos, this is about to change.  DeVos is a champion of (and substantial donor to) the charter school alternative and has been active as a private citizen in the betterment of inner-city education.

“The times they are a-changin’ .”  For the

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CLIMATE CHANGE – The Saga Continues

Yes, Earth’s climate is changing (it’s getting warmer) and no, there’s no need for immediate panic. That still sums up the current state of affairs re: climate change/global warming.
The major problem comes to light through the politics of the issue. Why is it that Progressives are all in a dither about it (global warming), while Conservatives seem to play down the situation (climate change)? It turns out that the Progressives’ solution is to throw massive amounts of tax money at the problem and fatten government in the process—to stop progress while they try to figure out how to stop or even reverse the phenomenon.
Well, the fact was stated at the outset of this piece: warming is happening and man can’t control climate. Then what to do? Do we just sit and wait to be burned away? Or do we do something, even if it’s wrong or even useless?

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It’s hard to keep up with what’s happening, if only because it’s happening so fast. Mr. Trump seems to be trying to do it all at once–which is what he promised, after all. But he also is continuing to keep the opposition off-balance–which is what he campaigned on, after all. The trick seems to be to let him rant on and take what he says at face value, knowing that he’s purposefully keeping the left off-balance, and wait it out as he plunges into the future. Something good is bound to come out of it, even though there will be mistakes made.

Everything can’t be done at once, but an awful lot can be started in only slightly more time. When he has a full cabinet and his advisors are in place, things will be sorted out and the opposition will still be wondering what’s happening.

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Still think he doesn’t know what he’s doing?  Forget it.

Donald Trump was solely responsible for his election.  He won by being unconventional, to understate the case.  He was all over the place, both physically and vociferously.  The ‘mainstream media’ were entirely against him, preparing the presidency for Hillary Clinton.  Trump was dismissed as a wild card (literally).

Nevertheless, he ate his way through 15 other applicants for the nomination.  He did this without the media.  He did this by himself and with the proletariat.  Then he proceeded to defeat Clinton in the Electoral College, despite all predictions that the task was demonstrably impossible.  How did he succeed?

He succeeded by writing off the media and doing it his way.  His way was to use the internet, not the mainstream, to spread his word.  He held

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[My own well-documented research in this area in preparation of my MBA thesis (Unionization And The Professional; 1970) was done when the movement was active; I have more than a passing knowledge of the subject.  A more recent interview with Fred Siegel by Matthew Kaminski (Wall Street Journal, November 26-27, 2011) brings it into sharper focus.]

I’ve long suspected that the rampant liberalism of the 1960s would have toxic effects on our society in the future.  The future is now.  That being said:

Believe it or else: Our current financial problems are in large part a result of public sector unions. The decline of the blue-collar worker in the ’50s resulted in a decline in general union membership, heralding a decline in union stature and concurrent decline in union power.  In order to survive, unions had to look elsewhere for membership.

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