I’ve long suspected that the rampant liberalism of the 1960s would have toxic effects on our society in the future.  The future is now.  That being said, I propose the following:

[My own well-documented research in this area in preparation of my MBA thesis (Unionization And The Professional; Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1970) was done at the very time the movement was active, so I have more than a passing knowledge of the subject.  An interview with Fred Siegel by Matthew Kaminski (Wall Street Journal, November 26-27, 2011) brings it into sharper focus.]

ethics in politics?


Believe it or else: our current financial crisis is in large part a result of public sector unions. The decline of the blue-collar worker in the ’50s resulted in decline in union membership, heralding a decline in union stature and commensurate decline in union power.  In order to survive, unions had to look elsewhere for membership.  Failing in their attempts to unionize private sector (the economy) professionals and white-collar workers, they turned their efforts to the public sector.



It’s natural…

Global warming is a fact.  Global cooling is a fact.  But global warming caused by man-made carbon dioxide is not a fact (a fact being absolute truth).  Earth’s conditions continue to change because of constant cosmological and geological functioning. The earth precesses (wobbles on its axis) and its poles shift.  Temperatures change.  Sunspots affect conditions on earth; recent studies show that the sun’s activity affects the formation of certain clouds (water vapor), which themselves affect climatic conditions.  Plate tectonics move entire continental masses, and sub-sea rifting and volcanoes affect ocean currents and temperatures world-wide.  Earth is not a static entity—it’s dynamic, constantly changing, and it’s big.   Conditions on earth and in its atmosphere change as well—they must.



Conservatism is not a political issue, nor is what follows intended to be a political statement.  It’s more basic than that.  The foundation for conservatism is history and original intent—a return to the basics, ethics being the most basic.  Anyone can do it.

There’s nothing mysterious about it…

Any society needs a system of rules within which its members can operate to the general benefit. These rules are founded in its values and articulated in its privileges.  The rules of all successful societies including our own begin in ethics and are adapted to the society’s needs and wishes.

Our own rules trace their origin to a paramount need for freedom.  Our laws are founded in a Declaration of Independence from our mother country and empowered by a Constitution written by individuals with a strong ethical and moral base “in order to form a more perfect union.”

DONALD J. TRUMP – Our 45th President


“The times they are a-changin’.”  For the first time since Andrew Jackson, our President is a populist, not a politician.  Donald Trump will prove to be a better President than Jackson, if only for the fact that he speaks and listens—daily—directly with the electorate.  All of them.  Think about it: Ever since the earliest days of his candidacy, Trump has been the headline of virtually every political and other news article.  Every day,  In every media.  Even the mass media who apparently hate him.

Donald Trump is in your face no matter the channel practically 24/7.  If you don’t know who he is and what he stands for, you haven’t been paying attention.  He clearly is not a politician—ask any politician.  If he lies, it’s usually hyperbole and it soon becomes clear what he means, and he

The Science-Religion Dichotomy – NOT


I write this as a career scientist of no particular religion who has had an undeniably spiritual personal experience—a peak experience as defined by Abraham Maslow—and as a philosopher.  I do not ask that you believe me (although it is certainly the truth).  I ask only that you read on because the subject is interesting.

The rapid advance of science in recent years has brought with it an increase in secularism and, not surprisingly, atheism.  However, it should be noted that while denouncing spirituality, atheism itself bears all the scripts of a religion (faith, belief, conviction, confidence, trust, reliance, devotion, dogma, doctrine).  Indeed, it makes for an extremely demanding one in that it’s entirely negative and has no particular guiding light other than the passion of those who would sponsor it.

The atheist presupposes (simplistically) that science deals in

NO FREE WILL? Sorry, Sam…


Sam Harris says there’s no such thing as free will and very cleverly makes his case.  Sam Harris may be clever, but he is wrong.

Every human being who ever was, is or will be has unique fingerprints.  Every one of us is as different as a snowflake from every other one in spite of being cut from the same cloth as water vapor, the planets, constellations, black holes, you name it.  All of it is a direct result of the Big Bang, whereby all of this started from…nothing? (Sounds remarkably like creation to me…)

Science cannot and will not ever explain everything—especially itself—because science is a tool that relies on assumptions for its very being, a product of philosophy that requires philosophy to offer whatever explanation can be provided.  Physics is superseded by metaphysics after all.

The Big Bang