Ethics being founded in truth, Islam is demonstrably unethical on its face. The Qur’an and its supporting documents deny the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus 9781627874267of Nazareth, claiming that He died a natural death at a much later date. Additionally, Islam denies the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In doing so, Islam denies the very foundations of Christianity, effectively nullifying it as a religion. It does this on the basis of convenient alterations to the Christian Bible made hundreds of years after the fact (early Seventh Century), claiming theirs to be the ‘genuine’ bible.

Regardless of one’s views concerning religions and their validity, the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth are historical fact, and may not be changed or dismissed as irrelevant. The denial of history is not only inexcusable, IT IS UNETHICAL. A few examples: According to Islam, Allah/God would

ETHICS – What About It?

ETHICS.  What is it?  Applied TRUTH. You know – HONESTY.  Ethics begins with HONESTYTRUTH is the foundation of everything that matters.  Like TRUST, a political necessity that no longer seems necessary.

You don’t need examples.   You read the papers.  You know.

Ethics, Universal Moral Principle, means being honest. Everywhere. All The Time.

isSince the beginning of what we now call history, ethics seems to have been a reaction to politics. Its concept is quite simple—ethics calls for honesty above all.  However, since its inception it has been studied, debated, interpreted, misinterpreted and generally beat to a pulp by those both learned and otherwise.  Ever since Aristotle wrote his treatise on the subject, innumerable philosophers and others have been interpreting it in their own way.  The results are confusing, to say the least.

However, reduced to


NEWS FLASH!  Don’t waste time looking.  Spend it voting, because ethics in politics is virtually non-existent.

Too severe?  I don’t think so.  Professional politicians (that’s what they are, because they’re certainly not serving the public) didn’t get rich on the job by representing their constituencies.  (If they were truly representative of their constituencies, most of their constituencies–US–would necessarily have to be rich—wouldn’t we?)  No.  They’re power brokers.  They got to be millionaires (all 50 Senators are, you know) by playing politics, described in Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary as:  “to engage in political intrigue, take advantage of a political…issue, resort to partisan politics,…exploit a political system or…relationships, to deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way…”  Sound familiar?  Anyone paying even slight attention to current events will know this description is accurate.   And for



Simple solutions to the bogging-down of new construction in the U.S. by environmental regulation and a concomitant endless review process start with consideration of the entire environment.  Birds, bunnies, bushes and bubbling brooks constitute only the fuzzy part that activists employ to elicit support for their varied and conflicting agendas  (an example: protecting birds while at the same time killing them with wind farms).  Environmental ethics issues include the existing infrastructure and mankind as well.  Until this reality is brought into focus there will continue to be a shotgun approach to environmental review and regulation by the EPA and a myriad of disparate special interests as well.  A return to reason is needed.    The first step in solving a problem is identification.

The call for one independent agency is redundant–it already exists.  That’s



It is politically correct to believe that the reason that most Muslims fail to speak out against radical Islam is that they are afraid of repercussions that will affect them adversely.  Apparently this is not the case.  The following was reported by Sam Harris:

From the Chairman of Islam Net, Fahad Ullah Qureshi:  “When Muslim organizations invite Shaykhs who speak openly about the values of Islam, the Islamophobic western media starts (sic) murdering the character of that organization…. …  (A)re these so called ‘radical’ views…endorsed only by these few individuals being invited around the globe, or does the common Muslims (sic) believe in them?”

Islam Net, an organization in Norway, invited 9 speakers (who we might label ‘extremist’) to Peace Conference Scandinavia 2013, the largest International Scandinavian Islamic event that has taken place—about 4000 people attended.

The audience, common Sunni Muslims who



Abortion is always unethical because it is in opposition to what is, and life IS. And since what IS must perforce be true, and truth IS, anything other than truth is false.

“All men are created equal…”  True or false?

A fertilized egg is the conception—creation–of life without which humanity is impossible.  And since life is truth, life is ethical.  Abortion is premeditated murder.  Abortion is unethical.

OK.  So abortion is unethical.  But is it wrong?  Well, ethics has always been about what’s true, right and good.  It would appear that what’s unethical is wrong, and since abortion is unethical, it should be wrong.

But what if it’s the answer to a problem with no other apparent solution?  Is it still wrong?

Well, it’s still unethical.  But who says you