Ethics is one of several fields of philosophy, the thinking rationally and critically about fundamental questions.  A basic tool of philosophy is, famously, logic—the process of right reasoning.

Maybe the most basic philosophical question of all is: why is there anything?  This question is best answered by another: Who knows? which is enough to put philosophy on the shelf, a position often exacerbated by philosophers themselves—especially those with an agenda.  Philosophers love arguing with other philosophers, scaring off others who might make sense of it all.  The next few paragraphs illustrate why.  Stay with me here…

Philosophy incorporates three laws of thought, to wit: 1) Nothing can be and not be at the same time; 2) Something either is or is not; and 3) A thing is what it is (such as words, which simply describe what is).

ETHICS ISSUES and The Law of The Land


Stressing First Principles is one of our hallmarks.  First Principles—givens and/or absolutes—are the foundation upon which everything rests—WHAT IS.  They simply ARE, and there’s no getting around it.  Light, gravity, truth, life and the rest cannot be ignored or dispensed with.  We normally don’t even think of them because they’re not an issue—they are assumed—invariable and there for EVERYBODY.  They are universal constants.

Our nation is founded upon first principles.  The form of our government is specific and inviolable.  Our laws are a product of the Declaration of Independence and presented in our Constitution.  What follows borrows freely from Professor Edward Erler of Cal State at Santa Barbara.

The first words of the Declaration state from whence the powers of our government come: WE THE PEOPLE.  The first ten Amendments (the Bill Of



About twenty years ago I experienced a life-changing epiphany.  What caused it I can’t say, but I know that it happened.  I was there, and my life since that time is witness to it.  The story’s in two parts, both from my book, To Tell The Truth… PART  I follows.  PART  II will come later.

I was in anything but a spiritual mode when I fell asleep one clear and moonless night in a Colorado B&B, but about 3AM  I shot bolt upright in bed shouting “It doesn’t matter!” loud enough to wake myself up.  The room was in white light—bright but not overpowering—and there were no shadows.  It was still dark outside.  Hard to imagine, but true.

Why I woke up just then or what didn’t matter wasn’t