The political world certainly has changed.  Just over a year ago after electing a new President, the stock markets began to rise to unprecedented highs (and show no signs of reversing).

This president has caused turmoil within both parties; both have changed markedly in their traditional positions to the point where they are hardly recognizable.  The truth is that neither party expected the results of the election.  This President was elected not by party line, but instead by the people.  We have, in effect, a new party claimed by neither historical one, both of which have polarized internally. 

The Democrats virtually do not accept the results of the election and have moved even farther left, and the Republican “Never Trumpers” have failed to develop a consensus or even support the leader of their own party, and have drawn the ire of the opposition to the point where they are referred-to as the Repugs (short for Repugnants, we assume). 

These Repugnicans are opposed by the new Democrats (who may as well be called the Recyclocrats, who prefer things as they were) who refer to their opposition (the American public) as deplorables.  The animosity is palpable; however, collectively they form a group (Republicrats?) that resents the new president to the point where they would impeach him.

The truth is that Donald Trump is a populist representing those who elected him.  He is not a conventional politician but is instead one who feels the pulse of that middle class largely ignored by the establishment Republicrats who’ve been in power since politics devoured representative government. 

President Trump would drain the Washington swamp of the established government elite, making room for new thinking.  Unlike the entrenched politicians who do not accept him, he is instead a Man of the People who elected him as an alternative to Washington business-as-usual.  He has in fact precipitated a culture war, being labeled by some as our modern wartime President.

He has demonstrated that the media and political Left are as one by their collective attacks on him; nor is he supported by the Right who resent his de facto control of their party.  He openly chides, challenges and bypasses the national media, frustrating them by using instead personal media (Twitter) to communicate directly with his constituency.  As such he does not merely make news, he is the news, forcing the media to react rather than just report.

The President is not a Conservative, not being that far to the Right.  He is a modern-day Populist who may as well represent a Third Party (but in fact represents a second party opposed to the collective Establishment Republicrats).

The ‘60s Generation changed America forever.  The general equanimity, patriotism, statesmanship and spirit of WWII that linked Americans together began to unravel.  Liberalism (some of it violent) began to replace the general laissez-faire, traditionalism, and propriety of American life.

Students dictated what universities had to offer; activists, from environmentalists to club-wielding thugs, reigned, and government modified to deal with them.  Playing by the rules morphed into flouting them. (It’s still happening, after more than half a century.)

Will things in fact change?  We’ll see……

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