WATER: and Climate Change…

The major factor in Earth’s changing climate is not coal, nor mankind, nor carbon dioxide, or anything other than Earth’s water.


It's all about water

It’s all about Water…

The hydrosphere includes all of Earth’s water in all its forms (vapor, liquid and ice) in all its locations.  We don’t know its source (it is entirely possible that it is a product of earth itself), but we do know that the amount of water in earth’s system remains constant—it does not increase or decrease.  Further, the interchange between its forms being virtually instantaneous and automatically varying according to temperatures within the system provides the rapid spontaneous balance necessary for earth’s adaptability to changing conditions. There is constant feedback between the oceans (and the rest of the hydrosphere) and the atmosphere.

Oceans cover some 70-percent of Earth (about 130 million of Earth’s area of 197 Million square miles).  The average depth of the oceans is about 2.4 MILES; this translates to some 343,548,500,000,000,000,000 gallons of water that are always moving by convection, pressure, evaporation, gravity and the Coriolis effect (due to Earth’s rotation).  This massive (and active) heat sink has great impact on temperature, the atmosphere and therefore the biosphere as well.  There is constant exchange of energy between the oceans (and the rest of the hydrosphere) and the atmosphere, that helps maintain Earth’s life-sustaining balance.

Ocean currents are instrumental in controlling Earth’s climate; in fact, they are a major mechanism of climate change.  There are 17 major currents affecting the globe, among them the Gulf Stream, Kuroshio, Equatorial, Humboldt, Labrador and Australian Currents.  Some are warm, others cool, but all move vast amounts of seawater over vast areas of Earth in all three dimensions,, necessarily affecting climate and temperatures.  www.sciencedaily.com/articles/  They also affect the atmosphere.

Atmospheric gases are produced by biological reactions of Earth’s water, soils and rocks, and are maintained in spite of changes in earth processes.  Atmospheric conditions are kept in a narrow range by the life they support.  Air is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, just under 1% Argon and traces of other gases, and 0.04% Carbon Dioxide.  CO2 is critical to maintaining atmospheric temperatures and maintaining the Oxygen level.  More carbon dioxide?  Nature provides more plants to process it.  Parenthetically, ocean salinity remains about the 3.4% necessary for life to exist in spite of natural phenomena that would seem to alter this number. This is partly a function of organic processes; remember: organisms naturally improve their environment in order to survive.

There is a system at work here, and we have no idea of how it works, nor have we any control of it.  We are pawns of nature, not the controlling pieces.

There are any number of posts on this website that deal with climate change.  You may wish to explore the subject further.  Or you may not…


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