Until science can answer the question: “How was the universe formed?” (and more importantly “Why?”) it should limit its interests to the physical/objective world.  Leave the spiritual/subjective (including morality) to the metaphysicists (yes, there are such people).


The basis of everything including morality is TRUTH, an absolute.  Truth is simply what is.  It is monistic, not dualistic; it has no opposite, only an absence of it. Untruths are its absence, not its opposite, just as nothing is the absence of something and darkness of light.  Right/wrong and good/bad are opposites—both subjective.


Honesty is applied truth—not debatable.  Ideally, ethics deals with honesty and therefore truth.  Morality is defined by some as applied ethics, tying it inextricably to truth, but in the real world it deals with right/wrong and good/bad, both subjective values.  Scientific laws are insufficient to account for all phenomena (including the universe). That’s just the way it is.  “Moral science” is at best questionable.

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