ETHICS in the 21st CENTURY: The Way It Is, and Why


Our complex culture has inexorably been redefining humanity in its own image.  It has gotten to the point where a progressive polity would modify our Constitution to be more in line with this redefined humanity—they would have the tail wag the dog.  (This very idea is unconstitutional.)

What’s happened was that we have over the course of time effectively subverted the historical process of our nation’s growth and development in the name of the way we’ve been led to believe that things are. The explosive growth of knowledge and technology has encouraged us to delegate the responsibility for progress to groups organized for the purpose.  In the process we have effectively signed over our own creativity, imagination and ingenuity to others, giving them permission to tell us what to think and accepting what they tell us as the way



The Constitution and Declaration of Independence comprise the foundation upon which our nation is built.  It’s the law of the land and can be changed only by amendment (as it has twenty-seven times in our history, most recently in 1992).

The Constitution does not grant rights; rather it provides limits to government.  Our rights are assumed by the document to have been born with us.  It is the role of government to secure and protect our natural rights to life, liberty and property.  It is not the function of government to provide for our material needs and/or wishes.  Quite simply, it can’t and may not do both at the same time.

It is the work of the Supreme Court to clear up any constitutional misunderstanding (of which there should be few because the Founding Fathers made their intentions quite clear

ETHICS ISSUES and The Law of The Land


Stressing First Principles is one of our hallmarks.  First Principles—givens and/or absolutes—are the foundation upon which everything rests—WHAT IS.  They simply ARE, and there’s no getting around it.  Light, gravity, truth, life and the rest cannot be ignored or dispensed with.  We normally don’t even think of them because they’re not an issue—they are assumed—invariable and there for EVERYBODY.  They are universal constants.

Our nation is founded upon first principles.  The form of our government is specific and inviolable.  Our laws are a product of the Declaration of Independence and presented in our Constitution.  What follows borrows freely from Professor Edward Erler of Cal State at Santa Barbara.

The first words of the Declaration state from whence the powers of our government come: WE THE PEOPLE.  The first ten Amendments (the Bill Of



It’s clear that Earth is a living planet, unique in our solar system and perhaps beyond. As a geologist/earth scientist I can speak with some authority about our planet, and there exists scientific support for the following professional/personal conclusions in spite of its necessarily deduced origins. I welcome your checking the facts.

Although Earth was born devoid of life, it seems to have created its own unique environment for it, and has remained alive since the advent of prokaryotic bacteria some 600Million years ago. That the geologic and biologic realms are interrelated is supported by the coevolution of organisms, climate and the earth’s crust as deduced from the geologic record.

We don’t know the origin of the simple prokaryotic (photosynthetic) bacteria that started it all in the preCambrian period, but the fossil record supports their existence. These simple cells (without nuclei) were responsible for altering the



Part  I  of this article told of a peak experience I had about twenty years ago and something of what I’ve come to know from it.  It concluded with a brief narrative on the consciousness that underlies the Universe, and how we are integrated with it.  Part  II  concludes the article with something of what I’ve learned from it personally.  It was a true enlightenment and is presented here for your consideration.  What you do with it is up to you…

The Big Bang theory about the beginnings of our universe satisfies most of the scientific community because: 1) it makes sense; and 2) vital parts of it can be proven. Basically it postulates that the universe began about 13.7-billion years ago from a singularity—a dimensionless point—whereby mass (no



About twenty years ago I experienced a life-changing epiphany.  What caused it I can’t say, but I know that it happened.  I was there, and my life since that time is witness to it.  The story’s in two parts, both from my book, To Tell The Truth… PART  I follows.  PART  II will come later.

I was in anything but a spiritual mode when I fell asleep one clear and moonless night in a Colorado B&B, but about 3AM  I shot bolt upright in bed shouting “It doesn’t matter!” loud enough to wake myself up.  The room was in white light—bright but not overpowering—and there were no shadows.  It was still dark outside.  Hard to imagine, but true.

Why I woke up just then or what didn’t matter wasn’t