imagesCAQHFTNPThe evidence against significant ‘global warming’ due to mankind’s activities is beginning to get overwhelming.  Why?  Because the agency that started it all back in 2007 (IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, on which AlGore based his convenient lie) is revising their earlier predictions.  Seems they “dramatically overemphasized the impact of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change.”  (How many times have we told you this?)  A new report will reconcile the incorrect measurements used to calculate temperature changes in its previous reports.

This revelation follows new (overwhelming) evidence of global cooling with an increase in polar pack ice and a concomitant increase in sea ice.  Reports Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “As a long observer of the (IPCC/AlGore) global weather movement, I can say that the events of 2013 (have) been one of the most devastating to the movement.  Both poles have recorded expanding ice. Global temperatures have failed to rise for 15 plus years, sea level rise is failing to accelerate, tornadoes are at record lows, hurricanes are near record low activity.”

The facts have been reported in several past ExtremeEthics blogs.   ‘The Earth, if one considers sufficiently long time spans, is currently in a general (overall) period of glaciation, i.e., the Quaternary Period, the last 2-3 million years. We’re only now, during the last 8,000 years, enjoying a brief reprieve from a time when miles-thick glaciers covered much of the northern continents, and this brief time interval is only one of several such interglacial periods recorded over the last few million years. The retreat of mountain glaciers that periodicals like National Geographic get all apoplectic about has been occurring for the last hundreds to thousands of years. Indeed, we owe our existence as a species to THIS SAME retreat of the glaciers over the last several thousand years.’ (Thanks, Frank)

The current brouhaha over (global warming) is entirely political and unethical.  Get over it!!  Earth is our progenitor and our nourishment.  Respect and care for it as you enjoy it, BUT ENJOY IT.    That’s what it’s for.

AlGore’s Nobel prize is as unearned, worthless and UNETHICAL as that of Yasser Arafat and, for that matter, that of our President.  “What fools these mortals be…”

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