The secularization of America has been underway since about 1930, when the Frankfurt School came to America.  The Obama administration is clearly progressive and secular, although the country as a whole is not and never has been.

The Founders, not all Christian but religious to a man, agreed in principle that the law of God precedes and overrules the laws of man.  This is clearly written into the Declaration, to wit: “(the) people…to assume among the Powers of the Earth the separate and equal Station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…” and “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…” and alluded to in the Constitution: “the Blessings of Liberty…”.  Moreover, the Constitution prohibits laws that would establish a national religion, thereby negating any effort for a particular religion to use political power to the subjugation of others; and prohibits laws that would limit free exercise of religion. Their intent appears innumerable times in documents and letters leading up to and following the Constitution.  In fact, they embraced a Christian God, and promulgated use of the Christian Bible when swearing-in the various officers of State ( .  These facts are indisputable.  Others follow:

Secular liberalism would limit the influence of religion by denying the Christian God written into the Law of the Land and, if that doesn’t work, remove all evidence of that God and religiosity from public places, even limiting the influence of religion (read: Christianity) in government by changing the Constitution.  Progressives would limit the free exercise and influence of religion in public debate and public life generally, and would have the establishment disenfranchise religiously-motivated voters to achieve their ends.

Their agenda includes moving to pass laws based on ‘public reason’ (rather than on the individual rights guaranteed by the purportedly out-of-date Constitution),  place the economy  under full control of government, and generally limit religious influence over public life.

How can less than 25-percent of those who claim no religious affiliation (20-percent), or only about five percent of the nation’s voters, exert so much political clout?  Because they include a preponderance of wealthy and socially-dominant elites including academics, the press, and Hollywood luminaries who have a strong ideological agenda embracing a so-called ‘fairness principle’ and the fallacy of political correctness.

On the other hand, thirty percent of the nation claims to attend church weekly.  Of the remaining fifty percent–the uncommitted population—we  can safely assume that a large number—probably most–are those with no particular political agenda, that ‘silent majority’ who just want to be left to themselves to “cling to their guns and religion”.  These people are seen by progressives as troublesome folks bent on limiting progressives’ ‘social  progress’ by opposing diversity, gay marriage,  abortion and euthanasia while favoring ‘discrimination’ (which, along with outright racism, in fact is practiced by progressives themselves in favoring certain select voting minorities).

How is it that a small minority of boors can savage our Constitution in the name of ‘public reason’ and seek redress from government in the name of ‘fairness’ (neither concept appearing in our founding documents)?  Why do we permit five percent of the population to dictate to at least sixty percent of our largely law-abiding (and quietly religious) citizenry?

How indeed… passivity.  After all, Christianity advises us to ‘turn the other cheek.’

All we have to do is nothing–let others do it.  That’s not the American way, and unless we get back to basics (the American way, the Constitution and spirituality), we’re going to lose 200-years of progress along with our hard-earned freedoms and world-leading status.

The Progressive Ethic is anti-religion (particularly anti-Christian) and, make no mistake, would remove religion from the public sector.  It is also seriously anti-Constitution, particularly anti-individual.  That would seem to make ‘progressives’ anti-American, considering our hallowed roots.

The founders warned against faction; this is clear in their writings of the time.  We now have a faction that has assumed virtual control over our government while trashing the very bases of that government.  Political correctness, abortion rights and changing the whole meaning of marriage and other secular (anti-religious) pursuits are evidence of their influence, and no wonder—political correctness has its roots in the communism of the early 20th Century.   Liberty is being sacrificed in the name of what a small but strident minority consider the common good, with their socialistic government defining what is good.

The fact is that spiritual faith has been the most powerful and enduring force in the course of human events;  faith is characteristically individual and faith tends to foster ethics.  Spiritualty, individualism and ethics are  anathema to the Progressive Ethic.

Faith doesn’t require church-going, or even an organized religion.  It just requires that you believe what you already know (knowledge requires truth) and TRUST IN IT.   If you have doubts, read To Tell The Truth… (see sidebar) and act on it.  Make the world a better place.  YOU can make a difference—trust yourself.


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