Our current immigration policy is unethical.

Truth has no agenda

…believe it…

Our immigration system is structured to grant citizenship (or residency) status based on family reunification, needed work skills, or capital investment. It also covers refugees and those seeking asylum based on political persecution and provides as well a lottery for people who have less pressing immigration needs. The procedure for gaining legal immigrant status differs with, among other factors, the path a potential immigrant is eligible to pursue based on employment, education, or family situation. U.S. immigration laws also cover entry into the country for almost any other purpose, including temporary stays beyond a certain length of time.

The first thing to do is to control our borders and enforce current immigration laws

Immigration law is open to interpretation; however, it does provide enough qualifying criteria to be valuable. For instance, not every relative is eligible, and some spouses and children are given preference over others. In the case of employment, the individual must be eligible within certain categories specified under U.S. law; the potential employer must submit certification of need and the applicant must satisfy medical and security conditions; and in the case of investment the applicant must meet a certain dollar threshold that will, benefit the economy and create or save a specified number of jobs. Generally speaking, immigration law is written to the benefit of our nation.

The second thing to do is to enforce current immigration laws

Being open to interpretation, immigration law also is open to abuse, and from time to time abuse has occurred, some of it to our benefit. Now, however, the law is threatened. Even though voters across the nation reject the administration’s agenda, the President promises to change the nation’s immigration system himself if Congress doesn’t cooperate.

The third thing to do is to enforce current immigration laws

President Obama is planning to change the nation’s immigration procedures by executive order, including a deportation reprieve (‘deferred action’) for illegals that came to the U.S. as children as well as parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. This would give nearly five million illegal immigrants already in the country the right to remain here and seriously affect immigration in the future. The Department of Justice is responsible for the president’s obeying the law, but we have heard nothing from them. In fact, they have supported the president in his abuse of it.

The fourth thing to do is to enforce current immigration laws

The fact remains, however, that our Constitution gives the power to pass laws regarding immigration to Congress, not the president. Congress also has the power of the purse, and can vote to not fund the President’s actions.

The fifth thing to do is to enforce current immigration laws

The outcome of this dispute is not of concern here. What is pertinent is ETHICS.

Ethics is based in truth and effected via honesty. The truth is that it’s within the power of Congress to change immigration law, and ethics requires that all parties do their parts honestly.

It is incumbent on government to control our borders.  To not do so is dereliction of duty, which is unethical.

The president and DOJ are being unethical and Congress will be the same if it fails to uphold its responsibility by not permitting the planned action.

Insist on proper action.  Write your congressperson to control our borders and enforce current immigration laws.  Now.

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