The critical goal of education is, or should be, developing the individual to his maximum possible stature—to actualize his potential, his own identity and idiosyncratic values, and not just teaching him skills.  And this means every person, not just the elite.  It’s not happening.

In order to accomplish this goal, individuals must be allowed some degree of free choice in addition to the basics (“3 Rs”).  This means a necessary function of education is to discover and nurture the idiosyncratic characteristics of individuals.

Education can’t be values-free.  In addition to teaching skills it must include the opportunity and means to form individual values.   Spiritual and ethical values have a place in education; these are not dependent on any church or religion (nor do they in any violate the Constitutional separation of church and state).

A moral society requires ethical people, people with knowledge of truth, justice and virtue.  Is our society promulgating these higher values?  Is it asking too much of education to at least cease suppressing them.

Education is not doing its job, and until it does, we will continue to flounder in a sea of immorality and live in the political morass of today.

The cure begins with the ethical individual.  GoTo  for more information.  You may be interested in the following blogs as well: ;

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