Racist!  An epithet guaranteed to raise hackles on both sides of the accusation.  Its hallowed definition has come to mean ‘whites’ demeaning ‘blacks’ or other groups, a definition worthy of political correctness.

It’s common knowledge that 90-percant of ‘blacks’ voted for Barack Obama in 2012.  That bell-curve is skewed ‘way beyond any reasonable statistical degree of probability known to mankind.  Is it possible that blacks voted for Obama simply because he is black?  Of course it is, and that was clearly the case.  This is a classic example of racism, but is it called such?  Of course not.  That would be politically incorrect.

The infamous OJ Simpson trial is another case in point.  Simpson was clearly guilty of murder—he admitted it—but was found innocent.  The verdict was racially motivated, another case of racism.  But it is not politically correct to label it as such.  To do so would be ‘racist.’

The older only-slightly-less-infamous Tawana Brawley affair is yet another case of racism turned on its head.  In spite of its being clearly proven to be a fraud from beginning to end, nothing ever was made of it, and Brawley was never prosecuted, nor were the other (black) perpetrators ever chastised.  To do so would have been ‘racist.’  The fact that the whole affair was racially conceived is ignored.  Political correctness.

Of somewhat similar political character is the more recent ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ controversy.  It has become another political football, charges of bigotry (racism in another guise) being leveled at the opposition.  Why should this be a political issue at all?  Why not let the Military decide what’s best for the Military and run the Military accordingly? As long as their decision is within constitutional constraints, it’s their business, not the concern of any and all.

Minorities may have a tougher time getting their point across, but slandering the opposition is no way to do it.  We live in a democratic republic with built-in methods to achieve parity when necessary.  Throwing stones is not one of those methods.  Besides, it’s unethical.

PC is a social disease adversely affecting society.  Our culture was deliberately infected in an attempt to weaken it,  and it’s working.  Rodney King’s “why can’t we all just get along” is an oversimplification, but why can’t we at least employ fairness on both sides and try to keep politics out of it?

Let’s get back to ‘telling it like it is’ (i.e., truth).   Let’s get back to ethics.

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