Ethics Services

MENTORING   ETHICS ADVICE   ETHICS CONSULTING   ANSWERING QUESTIONS   MAKING ETHICAL DECISIONS   RESOLVING ETHICAL PROBLEMS   DISPENSING ETHICS INFORMATION   ETHICS COACHING and COUNSELING   EXTREMEETHICS offers many services concerning ethics, most of them at no charge. Making ethical decisions usually is a matter of simply being honest and forthright.  Should you need help or clarification, we’ll do our best to clear up any questions you may have, at once.  Just ask.


Being ethical usually requires just honesty, but you may have concerns about exactly how to handle a particular problem.  You may need specifics.  While it’s the purpose of this site to provide exactly this type of information, special problems may require special handling.  Ask and it shall be given. In some cases, there may be a choice of ethical decisions available.  While the choice remains yours to make, our insight and experience may provide another perspective.  Ask, and we’ll do our best to help you get to a proper decision for your particular case.


ExtremeEthics is available for personal and group consultation, or just talking about it.  We stress coaching rather than preaching, preferring that your final decisions come from you rather than us.  However, we’ll take the heat for you if you desire.


This site is an excellent ongoing source of information on ethics, morals/morality and values.  There are articles and blogs on ethics generally, ethics issues, ethical decision-making, personal ethics, business ethics, professional ethics, political ethics, environmental ethics, engineering ethics, legal ethics, ethics in science, ethics in education, ethics and religion and other situations requiring ethical resolution.  (The highlighted references are only a sampling–there are much more…)  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll do our best to answer your questions, or get you to the right place to answer them yourselves.  No charge.


Should you have special needs, EXTREMEETHICS can provide personalized hands-on services at your location. These services are at your option and usually, require only brief sessions with handouts customized to your particular need(s). Costs are minimal; ethics is not rocket science. Contact us at  We hold your communications in strict confidence–nobody else will ever know that you asked.