ETHICS and FIRST PRINCIPLES vs. the Progressive Ethic

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the basis of the law of our land.  They have served us well since the beginning and will continue to do so because they are based in First Principles.  Ethics is a first principle.

There’s nothing mysterious about it…

All right then—what are First Principles?   First Principles are what IS—everything else is based upon them; nothing exists without them.   They cannot be deduced, nor can anything be deduced without them.  In Latin: ab initio. They are what in mathematics are called axioms or postulates.  You may use givens.

TRUTH is s a first principle.  So are the EM (electromagnetic) Spectrum and Gravity.  TIME may also be included, as well as PERFECTION.  For us, EARTH is a first principle, as are its atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.  (The ultimate first principle is a subject for another time…)  We’ve dealt with these before and will again.

Numerous blogs in this website deal with first principles.  Without these, neither science nor philosophy (or anything else) makes sense.  They must be assumed.

ETHICS is a first principle, being founded in and one with truth, and the Constitution is based in these: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The rights protected by the Constitution are private—the bill of rights is all about individual rights.  Government exists to secure, NOT PROVIDE OR LIMIT, the rights of the individual.  The Constitution says so.  This is important!

Modern progressive philosophy advocates social, political and economic reform—putting government  in charge—which requires changing the Constitution.  Progressive philosophy holds that we are in a post- constitutional era and that our system must change accordingly.  Progressives favor government expertise,  science, technology and especially education, as the solution to perceived societal weaknesses, individual rights be damned.  This requires a belief in the ability of government experts and in efficiency of government intervention.  The Founders were right to warn against this.

Our modern Administrative state would place the collective welfare of the people over liberty and render private rights subservient to collective rights.  The problem is that THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

What IS constitutional is of course the Constitution itself and its foundation in the equal protection of individual rights.  This of course demands an obligation of individuals to protect the equal rights of their fellow citizens.  This in turn requires that THE PEOPLE BE A MILITIA, anathema to progressive thought.

Does this seem like we’re getting off the subject?  Well, consider this: Putting all your faith in government negates the need to think for oneself.  Just trust government.  You don’t need protection because government will take care of everything.  The problem is that a police state is required to make this work.

If you subscribe to this line of thought, then you deserve whatever you get, and the time will come when you don’t want it.

The first ten Amendments to the Constitution clearly support those individual rights which constitute the very spine of our nation.  They include the right to trash the government, and here comes the right of militia and the all-important Second Amendment.

Surrender your Second Amendment rights and you surrender those of the First as well, and the rest won’t make any difference.  Trade independence for security and lose both.

Be careful what you ask for.  You might get it.  The Constitution—it’s the American Way.  Read it!  And support it!  If you want to amend it, the rules are there, and clear.

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