Sometimes the answer to an important question is so obvious that it’s easily overlooked.  Think about this:

What’s so abundant that we hardly consider it as pivotal?  Try WATER.  Oceans cover more than 70% of the earth—the amount of water in the oceans is unfathomable (pun intended).  Water vapor is an integral part of the atmosphere—75% of all ‘greenhouse gases’–(think humidity,  clouds, rain, snow).   And the human body is largely water, as are the bodies of other animals (and plants as well).  Water is not merely necessary for living, it’s necessary for life to even exist.  It is an integral part of ALL living things and the earth generally.

Water exists in all three forms of matter—solid(ice), liquid(duh), and gas(water vapor) and as such is virtually indestructible, changing form easily within a temperature range tolerable by



Yes, the earth’s climate is changing, and no, there’s no need for immediate panic.  That about sums up the current state of affairs re: global warming.

In the first place, personal experience suggests that the climate IS getting warmer, at least in the US.  I support that view because I’ve witnessed winters becoming somewhat milder over my 75 years of life on this planet.    But is there any reason to panic?  No.  The earth is in an interglacial stage, a perfectly natural phenomenon supported by the geological record.  That said:

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) completed a controversial study a few years ago supporting the political drive to control carbon emissions, concluding that man is primarily responsible for the ‘global warming’ reportedly underway.  Soon afterward, it was found that the study was biased–far



It’s natural…

Global warming is a fact.  Global cooling is a fact.  But global warming caused by man-made carbon dioxide is not a fact (a fact being absolute truth).  Earth’s conditions continue to change because of constant cosmological and geological functioning. The earth precesses (wobbles on its axis) and its poles shift.  Temperatures change.  Sunspots affect conditions on earth; recent studies show that the sun’s activity affects the formation of certain clouds (water vapor), which themselves affect climatic conditions.  Plate tectonics move entire continental masses, and sub-sea rifting and volcanoes affect ocean currents and temperatures world-wide.  Earth is not a static entity—it’s dynamic, constantly changing, and it’s big.   Conditions on earth and in its atmosphere change as well—they must.



As a scientist and philosopher, I write to see what I think.  Here’s what I think, for what it’s worth.  You decide.

I’ve been trying to reconcile science with spirituality for some time now and found that it can’t be done from either end—it requires that we go up a level (to philosophy, their source).   I’m lucky to have had a peak experience in 1992, an unexpected but true enlightenment that set me on a promising track and caused me to write a book about ethics. Writing To Tell The Truth provided me with plenty of opportunity to “see what I think” and show that much of it is well-founded.    One of the things I’ve found is that we all have faith whether or not we want it or even admit to it.  Want an example?  We fall asleep at night fully expecting to wake up.  That’s faith.  Don’t believe it?  You don’t have to—it’s there anyway…

Faith is based in reason (not religion), and man is gifted with intellect that enables him to reason—it’s what identifies mankind.  Rationality provides us with the means to shape our individual destinies in accordance with the way we should live our lives, but we don’t always do this.  We forget that while we all create our own individual lives as we live them, we do not create nature.  That’s already been done—nature created us.  Witness the Universe and the living Earth of which we are a product.

Science dates the Universe at some 13.7 billion years, but in order for it to have happened, there had to be a cause.  Something (this something being the basis for many religions) had to precede it, even though we can’t identify it because it’s literally beyond our dimension—metaphysical rather than physical.  Our innate spirituality is given of this dynamis (a metaphysical term; science has no such concept).

I’ve often made the point that an effect can’t prove its cause, a result can’t prove its origin, a conclusion can’t confirm its grounds, an outcome can’t define its input nor can an end justify its means.  These are all ways of saying the same thing: that the answer to the origin of anything always lies outside of the thing itself (Gödel’s mathematically-proven Incompleteness Theorem).

I submit that Consciousness is that base, and Truth its manifestation.  Our intellect is a divine gift that we often accept without acknowledgment, perhaps because we tend to associate ‘divine’ with religion.  But religion isn’t a factor.  Truth precedes religions and even the universe, and intelligence is based in truth—a given available to you whenever you decide to use it–and the answer lies in the givens.



Water drop - Water drop background. Water of the WorldWeather patterns in the 1970s suggested to some that Earth was in a cooling trend with the coming of a new ice age.  Then in 1985 there arose the ‘crisis’ over the growing ‘hole in the ozone layer’ (which varies annually), suggesting global cooling.  The ‘hole’ over Antarctica was growing, thought by some to be exacerbated by man-made chlorofluorocarbons.  (But ozone-driven phenols in tree rings date the start of ozone depletion in northern latitudes at the late 1700s, long before air-conditioning–or any man-made chemicals for that matter.)  Further global cooling could result in further depletion of the ozone layer! but wait!—currently NASA predicts that the ozone layer will be fully-recovered by 2070 (perhaps as a result of the new threat of ‘global warming’?).  And now we are presented with yet another crisis: ”Peak Water Is Here!”  Alarmists tell


imagesCA67UIAUCLIMATE CHANGE IS A PERFECTLY NATURAL OCCURRENCE, and MAN IN ALL HIS ARROGANCE CANNOT CONTROL IT.  Earth is in an interglacial period (meaning it’s warming naturally).  Nature is adapting and will continue to adapt to it as it has for millennia.   It’s the system at work, and it’s a good thing, not bad. We need only act responsibly, relax, enjoy it and stop trying to change it because we can’t (another good thing).


It’s clear that Earth is a living planet, unique in our solar system, probably beyond.  Although born devoid of life, it seems to have created its own unique environment for it; it has remained alive since the advent of prokaryotic bacteria some 600Million years ago. That the geologic and biologic realms are interrelated is supported by the coevolution of organisms, climate and the earth’s crust as deduced from the geologic