To Tell The Truth . . .

9781627874267Your life is about you. Born of a peak experience in 1993, To Tell the Truth . . . centers on the basic element of humanity—the individual—and why, being the only you who ever was, is, or will be, you must be important. After all, you’re an integral piece of the big picture, which can’t be truly complete without you.  This alone makes you a major player. To Tell the Truth . . . will help explain:

1. Your relationships—both vital and not, and how to avoid the tendency to replace the vital ones with the non-vital ones

2. How you can help resolve the world’s problem(s) simply by returning to the basics—first principles and natural law—believing what you already know and becoming who you really are

3. How to tap into your native resources to create your own personal belief system and philosophy for right living

Your responsibility to humanity is only to be ethical and to act–create–morally. To Tell the Truth… is a must-read because it’s about you and your future—it’s well worth your time.       Save Save Save Save
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