Donald Trump’s run for the White House was an ethical victory.  Absolutely.

Ethics Wins The Day

Ethics Wins The Day

Why?  Well, truth defines ethics, and truth prevailed throughout.  Trump said he was going to win.  His way.  Despite the odds, he made good on his promise.  He won.  His way.  He won without the usual financial war chest.  He campaigned using his own money, spending FAR less than the competition—far less in fact than anyone else had spent in recent history.  He prevailed entirely in his own way, as he said he would, against all odds, and he did it honestly, calling it as he saw it from beginning to end. 

The Republican establishment was actively against him from the get-go; he was given no favors—quite the contrary.  The land mines were everywhere.  The opposition ridiculed him and his methods, decrying his ‘abuse’ of their ‘rules’ and the usual political correctness expected of any conventional campaign.  He wasn’t ‘nice.’  He was honest to a fault in the way he campaigned, from the early primaries all the way to the end.  He won by being honest, tapping deeply into the populist need for relief from politics-as-usual.  He said what he meant, and meant what he said.  He earned the trust of the common man, and he did it honestly.  Trust.  Honesty.  Ethics.

DONALD TRUMP WON THIS ELECTION VIRTUALLY ALONE, from beginning to end, despite the naysayers on both sides of the aisle.  He did not lie.  He did not use subterfuge.  He was direct.  He did what he said he would do, and he did it directly and honestly, virtually alone, ethical from beginning to end.

Donald Trump’s winning campaign was a triumph of ethics over unethics (no explanation necessary…or offered). And don’t yet rule out the wall…

His presidency will benefit.  We all will benefit.  Ethics always wins.  Better days ahead…

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