UNETHICS: The Evil Twin

We have chosen the non-word UNETHICS as the evil twin of ethics.  If ethical (loosely, that which is right, good and true) is founded in truth, then unethical (conversely that which is wrong, bad and false) is founded in lies, i.e., Unethics = lies. We need this word because there is much that is lacking ethics in this world.

One of the first things that comes to mind is the role of the unethical twin in Environmental Ethics, specifically the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency has become the virtual Washington lobby of environmental activists.  Ostensibly created to ensure protection of the environment, it has become a means of delaying and increasing the expense of any project affecting it to the point of controlling any new construction in power, fossil fuel and farming, among others, and curtailing progress in these areas.  (Perhaps EPA might more accurately denote an Economic Prevention Agency).

A specific example is Global Warming, now referred to as Climate Change to make it more acceptable; Climate Change is in fact a politically correct term.  While it is a geological fact that the earth’s climate varies for natural reasons, there is no real evidence to support the activists’ conclusion that man is responsible for it; yet the activists claim that the case is closed–man is responsible for global warming.  This leads to the considerable expense of determining just what it is that we’re doing to contribute to warming of the earth and further delaying or even canceling progress in power development particularly.  An example here is EPA’s recent classification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant (carbon dioxide is an integral part of the life cycle–mammals breathe it out and vegetation takes it in, in turn releasing oxygen needed for mammals to survive–how then could it be a pollutant?–would they have us stop breathing out and kill all the trees?).  Climate Change is being used as a means to control the power industry (coal- and oil-powered power plants release carbon dioxide, supposedly a factor in the unnatural warming of the planet) at a time that additional power is required for progress.

Unethical practices are anathema to humanity.  EXTREME ETHICS means to stamp them out.

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